The industrial super criminals has altered my height and hair color and skin color and come drugs in me to damage the hair cover on my front head with illegal drugs from the black military market of drugs from south Central Europe to hide me completely away from the cops and civilian population who knows I am kidnapped U.S. Citizen from the mid 1980ties.

Height alterations:  All through my childhood and teenage year and during the end 1980ties and 1990ties and seemingly also henceforward from there has unidentified organized criminals from what appears to be an East German D.D.R. Civil Weapons Industrial Production Company/Companies been illegally coming military modified drugs in me to alter my visual sight to be more like themselves from Central Europe (Germany/Scandinavia). The organized criminals has come body altering illegal drugs in me to change my height from always being taller than everybody else from my birth generations to be more shorter than themselves who are out on cover up a Cold War Conspiracy versus me and my original blond haired father and blond haired mother from United States of America, seemingly from the secret military research facilities in North West or North Central or North East U.S.A. where I was kidnapped from during the late 1970ties and early 1980ties. I was kidnapped by Soviet Union Peoples speaking Soviet Union Languages from United States of America after birth to unwanted location/locations in Central Europe currently Denmark.

Hair color alterations:  During my childhood did the organized criminals come body and hair altering drugs in me to ultimately change my body’s color looks from a surden age henceforward, and they started with come illegal drugs in me that altered or changed my deep light blonde hair color from beautiful light blonde to more and more darker hair color to fit to the kidnappers themselves and their biological families in a kidnap scenario where they has been placing me among themselves to hope nobody would be able to could see it from the outside and from secret police services keep looking for me from North America and who knows maybe the K.G.B. Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti who has captured one of them from the organized criminals peoples network in world history outside my knowledge. What scares me is that they changed all of my hair color so nobody can see it is truly me underneath it who is light blond haired and kidnapped from North America and attempted hidden away among themselves in North Central Europe where there are really no blonde types who dares lives because of the Nazi National Socialism Peoples and Governments and racial discriminativeness towards the blonde hair color race from Planet Earth who is on the extreme brink of extinction compared to the dark black hair colored Planet Earth race/races who brutally try dominate everything and bring to extinction me and my race.

Body skin pigmentation alterations:  In my first living years were I happy and sound and healthy skinned and looked very dark bronzed brown during all summers with heat and sun from the Northern Altitudes in Scandinavia where the kidnappers were holding me and compared to themselves were they pearl and white skinned in both summer and winter months and I were dark brown skinned in less than 3 weeks always no distinction made to year and group of peoples from society in kidnappers native environments. Then they began come illegal styled drugs in me to alter or change my body’s skin color via break down of my skin surface pigmentation so that only researchers and scientists with microscopes will could now detect the differences in the skin between the health parts and the biological damaged huge sections covering nearly all of my body, and could see the damaged pigmentation in my skin if they care to look tight and discover the pigmentation is unnormal compared to other peoples who has not been exposed to body skin altering illegal market drugs from some kind of now danish/german peoples population from North Central Europe in now days Germany and Denmark and who knows if they have one or two or more persons running over the borders to get more drugs from exposed peoples regions in former Eastern Europe. I was visited by a stranger who explained me how it was all functioning and he/she explained me how I could see the difference on my body’s skin and he revealed how to tell it to both the Rigspoliti i Copenhagen and also Researchers/Scientists from the police so that they would could detect the difference in my body and change it back to normal so I get the life back I deserve compared to now days cruel evil body alterations that makes me not want to live or be alive more time before the Police Scientists has restored my healthy life to normal again with real body restoring human genetic counter elixirs that can bring back my normal good looking body again as is normal looking in all ways 100%.

Body hair cover removal from frontal head to look like kidnappers themselves:  During my mid teenage years did strangers come illegal drugs into my foods and drinks on Ko-Alle 1, 4891 Toreby L. and later on Plantagevej 7, 4892 Kettinge, to could make me look simulated like themselves, understood here the kidnappers. The kidnappers has been following me and were dissatisfied with just having come body skin and hair color altering or changing illegal drugs in me and wanted to also change how much hair I had left on my frontal top head compared to themselves and they came back and with portions of more illegal imported drugs from South Central Eastern Europe where I was tipped that they come from and went in with portions to our household and placed it is the sugar and other food storages to could damage my bodily outer looks, and this last time did they went for my forehead and removed main parts of it before undertake covering it up with illegally place me in mental hospitals to force the danish and now also french health departments/governments to take the blame for year long illegal druggings of me and my body.

Soviet Union Conspiracy Network of Men/Women hiding away here in Denmark surrounding me inside public government has implanted me with a microchip inside my central brain and drugged the foster family members to not remember who I really am (kidnapped) and they have fertilized Børn Zøllner Jensen’s genetical families with light blond hair genes since they move them together (Bjørn Zøllner Jensen and Connie Annette Frederiksen) in the early 1980ties before they even self knew they should be together (in a rush), everything done to hide me away (here in Denmark in an unlikely foster family).

The organized criminals has targeted stolen my blood and sperm to in laboratories here in Denmark and Germany among the organized criminals with their friends in the governments could generate blood samples that are everything inbetween my foster parents and their longest living relatives (the new born they self have made, they fertilize them or give them a woman who will do it for them and take the love from the men in the foster families, it is a old Soviet Union strategy and they have been doing that for hundreds of years time to attempt hide away Central State Secrets/Crimes towards humanity) and made the false samples look real and hide them away to keep they prepared for insurgent work in the Danish Health Department where their secret agents are hiding away, there are talk about both men and women and they are psychopaths and want to harm me (this I was explained by the K.G.B. in the 1980ties before they left me and I am unarmed and in life dangers).

The danish/german national security departments involvements in this is still unclear, they might be the ones behind the extended cover up works for corrupt high officials in Denmark, and they are believed to be behind the stealing of my blood and sperm samples (and I have witness accounts to give to the police).




Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 194 cm tall

Eye: Deep Blue Eyes

Hair: Light Blonde

Type: Blonde Race

U.S. Citizen

Politics: Victory Democrat plus Victory Liberty Man

Religions: Catholic Orthodox (Bible Man)

911 Red Alert require help immediately come get me help from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP!

Contact me via


Skype: NASA-Astronaut

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

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