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The Commandomodule are potentially placed in Ancient World History where Safety Person 2 placed me to annihilate himselves as he flew into the future to try stop the nuclear wars himselves with an Ancient Commandomodule and I build the First One (Commandomodule he stole) and was left with a more advanced one which are named the exact same and want savior NOW he placed me in Ancient World History suffering to death as Safety Person in loneliness and isolation who can never die and suffers savior me first down there then come save me here too just born and must always be born so World History is about the same but altered and with 100% New World Leaders from All Nations also the royal and monarchs which gets new children if this theory holds truth am I captured in time and space and needs all to complete an Alpha Omega Total Savior and need him Safety Person 2 killed I was just flying with him to attempt place the Commandomodule as his World Leaders Lifeguard who wanted them all to live forever young and just STOP a nuclear war as it has happened many times before please savior him and then me he is in the future and may always want to be something like that and he betrays the World Leaders and he is blackhaired and I am their Superblond Superlawed Lightblond Superlifeguard and he must be killed right there afterwards uncommonly he must always save me and do not want to fly back because it is too long time and one more thing this is from the Civilization World Historians who is helping Civilization's All Nations Galaxies Safety Person Lightblond World Leaders Gatherings Own Personal Lifeguard 1 Lifesavior 1 Gatekeeper 1 World Leaders Timemachine Express Aviator Lifeguard Lifesavior Pilot Captain 1 (Permanent Honorable Member of All World Leaders Meetings Gatherings All Nations Central State White Scientist Master Educator of All World Leaders Lifeguards and All Civilization Timemachine Police Orders and All Generations of Lightblond Planetary Defenders and All Generations of joint Lightblond plus Blackhaired Planetary Defenders and Master Educator of All World Leaders Protectors and creator of Gatekeeper's Uniform and Officer and existence at the World Leaders Meetings Technology Hangars and Patent Office of the World Leaders and World Leaders Meetings Gatherings World Historians most beloved Planetary Defender the most betraveled in World History for the Civilization into the past Millenniums and early 15 Millions of years of Civilization World History on the other side of the Golden Blond Timeline (without self being a World Leader Elect)) All World Leaders to Protect Civilization Safety Person 1 of All Nations and coming 400 billion of years of World History Democratic Elected Presidents World Leaders plus the 3 other Civilization Blackhaired Pharaos and the Blackhaired Emperror of Japan.


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