Imprisonments of Criminals

I am human and want as a World Leader to promote imprisonments on Pacific islands where there are no escape opportunities and that means liberal conditions on an exotic island with a minimum of 10 medium sized cities in nature on exotic islands where each island has its own community wherefrom there are both policestations in the cities and a court for more crimes and an university for educational prestation to get back on tracks into the real World where no crimes must happen unpunished and in such World we all lived and want to live and there must be unlimited access to freedom and prosperity and no more crimes versus civilians and their pets and so it is that our Pacific Ocean can hold more criminals than our continents combined and have those islands safe from harms from nature disasters and will could be evacuated from storms and nature catastrophes such as floodings and orcans wilder than hurricans and ocean ridings such as giant waves striking the island.

I am for out moving of all enclosed prisons in Asia and America and Africa and Australia to more liveable liberal islands in the Pacific Ocean where there are more oportunities for outside living on nature and have things in function for living and doing things and operate machines and carry responsibilities and work employments and do things for sports and more importantly learn languages and international and national laws and civilian rights for all peoples ever born in our universe and have those community cities with an island learn to grow up farmland and do own honorable outcomes into foreign trades and establish welfare systems for their islands so that all can get the necessary schooling and educations and understandings of our World’s languages and more situations learnings such as antiviolence teachings and functioning interlectual supportive humanistic welfare understanding that leads to national socialism where no more crimes is wanted in our World and those Worlds can we never support so instead I want humanistic wealthcare a new forms for thinking about how to benifit yourself and your next in society and those on a longer ranged distance and wealthcare are regarded as selffish but can lead to enormeous outcomes to Central States our nations economics and those money must be used to run those imprisonments which are not inside buildings but instead outside in nature in more wilderness than in forrests such as in our Pacific because in wilderness peoples feels abandoned and they are and must under no circumstances feel that and that we all left them so instead of wilderness prisons and camps in nature or nor must our global society regardless of era use those islands in our warmer non electricical requiring Pacific Ocean where all can be because I have seen nearly all other islands on satellite maps and those are insane to hold prisoners on and they are not humane and isolated and without exotic such as warm beaches and nice fruits and forrests with wilderness to discover and exotic animals and sea underwater explorations to undertake and survive and those must be in cooperation with lifeguards and lifesaviors so we all survive also an illegal imprisonment which are runned by our own militaries to run us insane on words we never wanted to be using instead of liberty and prosperity and non destructive mannered happenings and those military maniacs are insane and criminal and gets long range disappearances frequently to feel safe and the cops they setup so we can not get access to our own nations justice affairs out from infiltration.

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