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air.rescue (Government Installation into United States Government)

  Air Rescue Services was established into All Nations Globally throughout the Universe entirely this is AIR Corporation yours 51th President of United States of America yours United States Empire yours the greatest in World History.





usrobotics.corporation (Infrastructures) (we seek to help all versus Armageddon)






allnations.armies (more news about Armageddon)




Emergency being followed and homicided please contact me immediately and help me via Hotmail: I need your help and rescue now I am being assassinated by timemachine criminals who have come a G.P.S. Microchip inside my head so I can not get it out and I am being followed 24 hours per day and week so I can not escape them in a timemachine capture and they move in a controlled environment around me short after birth since kidnapped and identity robbed and I am The Legendary Famous Hollywood Movie Actor Global Celebrity Couple called your Blond Darlings Globally by All Peoples here later in the 21th Century A.D. yours alls 51th Presidency President and First Lady who are being World Leader Assassinated please help me they have already killed us both in now 240000 thousands repeating Worlds in constant intensified repeating lives constantly repeating without I can repeat myself in repeated repeating lives intensified all days long in repeating lives that keep happening while the timemachine criminals homicide me all the time on different dates that keep happening as battles between Nations Presidents and the timemachine criminals keep occur and I am being constantly homicided I was already killed more than 300 times while I was forced to watch it as a little baby turned into a ghost boy (forced to live more than several thousands of years as ghost without educations of any languages and without clothings completely naked and without anybody learnt me calculation and mathematics or any langauge to could speak sitting constantly in big German cities looking at them all without could get to Planetary Defenses which are the World’s Earliest Timemachine Polices that I need to talk to and get to which can help me and save me out of repeating homicides after being kidnapped by timemachine criminals which keep homicide me in intensified repeating lives each few hours each 4th hours torturing me in hundreds of thousands of repeatings inside my lifespan at all moments constantly and they are keeping intensifying and repeating and increasing in hundreds of thousands lives constantly throughout my shorter and shorter lifespan and I am being homicided on different decades all the time in constant timemachine wars between the Nations Populations timemachine criminalsa and the Nations Presidents and Civilization Infrastructures I am Declared Permanent Civilization Infrastructure times 2 and must never be killed by All Mankind’s Race because I am Hero of All Mankind who already saved you all from in severals of Armageddons starting with the Aging Death Armageddon here in The 20th and 21th Centuries A.D. within my first 2 Centuries) and now I have been saved by Nations Presidents Timemachine Technologies so I finally survived and are still being repeatedly homicided as child and teenager and in my tweenties and in arranged crime scenes by mercenaries while I am being hold in constant repeating lives all the time and me and my wife must never die we are your Constant Global Celebrities your World’s and Civilization’s only Blond Darlings as you call us we must never be killed in and during any ways also not in timemachine wars all of your childrens children loves us and we can and would never could be killed on any streets in the futures as yours normal World Leaders few times Presidents and Hollywood Movie Actors only in thousands of years fame and not like us yours always most fame Declared Permanent Global Celebrities of Planet Earth and dozens of more Planets here in your inner Milky Way Galaxcy always on Nations TV each few weeks time and constantly being your famous heroes from Hollywood Movie Successes who all know from Nations TV and several of each years All Nations Democratic Presidential Elections Campaigns having your Civilization’s largest Presidential Families of them all with in hundreds and in thousands of Presidents from both my own families of childrens and childrens children and my Wife were All Nations First Democratic Elected Woman President in World History of Mankind and in All Nations Combined World History and are The World’s Most Famous Woman of All World History from here to The Armageddon that ended Mankind and ended with The Ending of Civilization and Our Presidential Families are The Most Famous of All of The Nations other Presidents who All Knows Us and must save our lives for and by all means possible via All Civilization Timemachines send from the future via Aviation Flying Timemachines directly from Any of All The Nations Central State National Treasuries Build for savior of me and my wife who already saved you all in dozens of ways she build for instance your Nations and Civilian Populations Emergency Shops Universal All Climates and Hostile Environments Survival Uniforms and are Named Our Savior for having saved more than 1.7 Human Beings from homicide of by your Nations which are declared insane and for insanity by them both and their Most Famous Presidential Families above you all yours 1th Founding Father of nearly All America yours theirs most famous Flying Lightblond Pharao of Egypt and The River Nile Peoples and more greater Nations than ever seen before here on Planet Earth arising from the ashes of the clouds of flying spaceplanes reaching in nearly all of directions from here to far distant planets wherefrom they arises and they are many more than down here on Planet Earth and those 2 Loving Flying Permanent Timemachine Licensed Infrastructures of Civilization are of higher value than All and Any Nations in tens of thousands of  Galaxcies reaches from here in the inner both Solar System and Milky Way Galaxcy so savior us now please we are your Permanent Civilization Infrastructure Declared Non Deleteable and it must never happen infinite unlimited as Choice 1 mentioned it please savior them together now for Mankind yours also Womankind being deleted all the time so we can survive in the fight versus the real armageddon found on at end of times of civilization where they are both Permanent Non Deleteable Permanent Civilization Infrastructures both Permanent in advance now also yours to never forget from here Civilization’s Permanent Infrastructure The 2 Loving Flying Timemachine Aviating Lightblond Superlawed never to be killed Loving 2 Flying Timemachine Angels yours Astronauts from All and nearly every Nations Central States Space Programs yours All World Leaders Meetings Most Famous Celebrities yours only civilization lightblond World Leaders yours only celebrity lightblond Hollywood Movie Actors Permanently there always and forever also in nuclear crators in desperations saving your alls living bodies from dying in nuclear strikes repeated over hundreds of thousands of years of time where I have mobilized him as your leader do not harm him he is Hero of nearly All Mankind now do not shoot him to death he saved you only always he is that loving and kind do not betray him he is capable of nuclear terminate All Mankind now I mobilize now preparation armies for him in the highest above the highest of Civilization for him to get ready for the final racial detetion of Germany if they never surrender to his mind he is their own emperror and she is also emperror of Austria and France and neverendingly always an emperror of nearly 100% of all germans unlimited evenso they are deleted from our race 100% so release them both now they are forgotten never they are here now and lives in torturere and forgotten in their times because of nearly only timemachine influenced super criminals keep ruin their lives all the time with endless uses of similar timemachines as we have as World Leaders and stop their Commando Center it must be turned off by aviating timemachine operators tell them that in the future from here I am legendary timemachine operator myself called planetary defender yours all things defensive also crimes in all things more so than normal planetary defenders I am Master Educator of All Nations and Planets and Civilization Timemachine Police Science Manuscriptures for installing saviors to all kinds of individuals who require help from near and afar from timemachine rescuers such as our legendary aviation flying heroes services and they were build out from me too and I did just not invent them just build them bigger to support you all inside of it and didn’t knew too well that life would come to an end so savior me I saved all you save me too now I have redicules never done anything wrong and never hit anybody in the doors on Lolland Falster and they hitted me more than 36 times in my head so savior me SO STOP ALL YOU ARE DOING NOW and come to me now and savior me now I am legendary hero of many things savior me too I want home now too please do it now too help help help ME and HER.

Emergency being homicided please contact me via,


Skype: NASA-Astronaut



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