Name: Identity Robbed held on another person’s identity

Height: 186 cm from 194 centimeters tall

Eyes: Planet Earth Ocean Blue Eyes

Race: Lightblond South Asian Race

Hair: Light Blond

Origin: North American U.S. Citizen of Birth

Politics: I am Victory Liberty Democrat

AE Religions: Catholic Orthodox Buddist (Bible Man)

All Nations Central State Red Alert I am being attempted World Leader Assassinated by Enemy Timemachine Criminals committing crimes only on a Global Scale and multicontinentally versus me all day long every day of my life since nearly born as already Democratic Elected President of the Empire of Planet Earth United States of America as their 51th World’s Most Famous Founding Father of All World Historical Presidents all nuclear capable in case the World Laws falled and I need at all moments All Nations Police of any kinds freedom protections with intensified police investigations of nearly all and every crime committed versus me except the extractions so called distortions setup by so called World Historical Conspirators now in World Historical Time...

Democratic Voting Rights: Should be allowed for anybody willing and mature enough to could do voting. No age limits.

Homeland Defense: Should be strong and aerospace based with large scale air force and Ground to Air and Space Compulsory Missile Defense Shields covering all Million Citizen Cities above 1 million in population and all key shelters globally...

Space Exploration: NASA should carry for the nation as main flagship making the scientific expansions and scientific progress in the Peaceful Sectors the largest and fastest expanding compared to the military sector and military presence in space that has been given too much artificial powers and every time a scientific patent arrives do it end up in a lockdown restricted to mainly the military sectors enclosed uses where it remain for too long time before given free and if ever liberated at all (and this do not concern weapons but scientific progress).

Civilians Weapon Rights: Approve, in favor for civilians has rights to self defense and wear and obtain light to medium handheld arms without explosives...

Ban and Abolitions: Against nuclear missiles and rockets of super continental and intercontinental ICBMs and other long raged large scale nuclear weapons, except for nation neutral common mutual global Planetary Defense against all threats from space threatening Planet Earth and our Humankind Specimen Survival forever!

Identification Cards: For border transpassings of any individuals in the entire world with an easy to carry national or international ID identification card with beautiful color photo instead of the out aged old world’s passports and diplomatic documents.


I am kidnapped U.S. Citizen from mainland United States of America full of American Patriotic Values whose World Historical British Imperial Colonial Family arrived from the British Empire that settled out on Blue Planet Earth during the colonial times where our glorious and faithful peoples explored and build out Mankind’s Civilization covering nearly 1/4 of the Planet Earth’s Surface and in the Americas. My father is working in Pentagon and U.S. Top Secret Military Base Facilities in United States of America and I were supposed to have grown up in the U.S. Base Facilities being educated in Modern Warfare and Homeland Defense and Presidential Defense and my mother or somebody in our good family are working in relation to the U.S. Military Scientific Industries and/or related companies as a pioneer as the World’s First Human Genetic Scientist/Scientists and I am A Science Boy with about 5 obvious nature talents within science from a Good and Wealthy American Family from the Racial Clean Blond Race of Mankind and I am a Nature Talent in Aviation And A Blue Angel In Aerospace Aviation Having The Best Humankind’s Races Genetic Ocean Blue Eyes Vision And Ranged Sight As Aeronautic Aeroplane Fierce Fighterplane/Bomberplane future Commander League Of The League Of Top Aviators And One Among Mankind’s Best Human Genetic Aviators and I am very good (outstanding) to do things the first time I am trying new things and that is why I must become USAF Blue Angel Squadron Leader in California and Georgia and Florida and Virginia and dozens other states and Hawaii and a White Angel NASA Astronaut Scientist and Mission Controller and Team Captain and Air and Space Police Marshal for the American Space Programs and Russian Space Program and Chinesian Space Program and Indian Space Program and all other planetary space programs that exists so I get to fly with all pilots in the World and I have prepared for this my entire lifetime since early childhood as boy in the 1980ties forward. My intent with National Aeronautics and Space Administration Space Program is to run for U.S. Presidency and become elected 51th President of United States of America in right time for fueling the North American Space Program and neutralize the Global Threat of Nuclear Wars for at least 400 years into the future.

Please read on my Presidential Campaign page!!!!!



Will you all please contact me via,

Hotmail: NASA-Astronaut@hotmail.com

Skype: NASA-Astronaut

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE


I am United States government and I have a woman who is my wife your First Lady and she lives in New York and is called your savior please save us and read her identity here click on this text and help me together with her click click click click on this text...

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