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Giving here my identification as the World Leaders must have it so they can recognize me and see me I am under continual Attackeds by Enemy Timemachine Criminals who has kidnapped and abducted me right off as a baby and attempted to identity rob me your Alls World Leaders Gatherings Forbidden Technology Hangars Gatekeeper 1 your Civilization’s Highest Level of Safety Person above the Civilization and all nations and all nations police and military generals and all nations officers of all kinds your Civilization’s Highest Level of Safety Person (I have more identifications on all levels of safety in the nations than I can list here and what would be matterfull to identify with, it is too many safety level identifications and uniform ranks and outstanding works for Our Civilization than what can be identified with so it wouldn’t be matterfull) who together with the World Leaders Gatherings manage All The Nations Uniformed Officers Types and manage them and set them off and in functions for the Civilization so they all function right for the Civilization in all Nations and it is me who also opens and make new uniforms and officer types if it ever is required in Our Civilization and also short time officers of unique types to handle things in Our Civilization which the other uniforms do not handle so all things functions well in Our Civilization at all moments and I am Personal Master Educator of All Civilization’s Timemachine Police Officers and has setup All The Civilization’s Timemachine Police Orders for the Civilization and World Leaders on the Civilization’s Highest Level of Safety as the Civilization’s Highest Level of Safety Persons and we help and support All Nations Different Officer Types of All Kinds and I was the Original World Leaders Meetings Experimental Timemachine Astronaut (who they handselected from the Global Nations Space Programs where I was the successful Lightblond Mars Astronaut from the earliest 2 Centuries of Spaceflight Aviation World History of Mankind who got their attention as their own Personal Presidential Lifeguard Aviator Captain who transported them safely around the Globe and as Astronaut could also aviate them out in space to unlike everybody else to save their lives and who would if contacted in emergencies also come right down from space above to their rescue and aviate them away as I was learned to do it) former First Man on Mars NASA’s Lightblond All Nations First National Neutral Astronaut together with the other Blackhaired Astronauts later NASA’s First Experimental Aerospace Aviation Timemachine Astronaut for the World Leaders Meetings our World’s First and The Only Timemachine Aviation Astronaut who gets to develop the World’s First World Leaders Aeroplane Timemachine Technologies the so called Aviating Flying Timemachines for the World Leaders Technologies and gets to reports directly to the World Leaders Meetings as the World’s Most Safe Person their new own Scientist Astronaut and all sciences World Leaders Meetings Educator and Instructor and Trainer and Guide and Master Educator of everyhting within science who then becomes the World Leaders Own Personal Timemachine Astronaut and later also the famous World Leaders Meetings Airports and Aviation Platforms World Leaders Timemachine Express Captain who flies the World Leaders back and forth in time between the Global World Leaders Meetings Infrastructure Fixed World Leaders Meetings Locations Infrastructures Aviation Platforms and from them also on rare occations back in time into the so called Forbidden Millenniums and also into example the Pre Centuries of Our Ancient Mankind World History of Our Civilization to make a rare World Historical Diplomatic and Cultural Meetings Between World Leaders across time as the Civilization World Laws permits it for only World Leaders and only on extreme rare occations and at accordance to layed down laws for timemachine aviation into the Forbidden Millenniums by only Lightblond Captains who are the only ones who are legal to aviation and operate Aviation Timemachines on the other side of the GOLDEN LINE a Golden Age Timeline wherefrom cross into the past of the Forbidden Millenniums are carried out by only lightblond men aviator captains for the World Leaders Express on the Civilization’s Superlaws which permits only the real lightblond race’s men (raised up since children with timemachines trained and educated in use all kinds of timemachines in Our Civilization) to fly and operate all timemachines ever created in Our Civilization caused by precenturies wild and dangerous and destructive timemachine warfares with nuclear atomic radioactive destructive wars between the blackhaired populations nations with both generals and World Leaders using timemachines and with changing National Democratic Presidents all the time creating an unstable World and neverending unpredictable future that kept went destroyed and changed so nobody had a life in the future and everybody died many times and peoples never got their lives back because of wild always changing timemachine Armageddon World History Destructions which causes prohibition of all uses of timemachines for the Blackhaired Superrace which were too destructive and did racial warfare versus the blonds that nearly extincted them 100% so less than 100 lightblond men were left in the whole World without could get a wife (we only want the same as all the blackhaired men a lightblond wife as they get their billions of blackhaired wives and has billions to choose between) and the Blackhaired Superraces consisting of many hundreds of different genetical races and underraces currently seen around the World and it is 1 Superrace of Blackhaired Superrace had in ILLEGAL RAGE WARS WITH ILLEGAL USES OF TIMEMACHINES destroyed and killed off all the Lightblond Race’s Nations across the Planet Earth and across the Galaxies on more Planets and extincted the Lightblond Superrace so it went 100% extinct and the Nations Timemachine Satellite Recorders of World History saw them be killed by timemachine military from the Blackhaired Superraces from the future by unlawful military generals who conducted racial warfares back in time and the Lightblond Race’s Populations was innocent being killed off in wars between blackhaired Superraces here on Planet Earth who in the future conducted National Warfares and took it back in time with Aviation Timemachines full of weapons and explosives to kill everybody which they did and videos of World History shown from both ground and advance timemachine imagery video recordings from the future Civilization saw the innocent blonds being racial genocided everywhere on Planet Earth systematically living only maximun with 20% to 25% human population among the Blackhaired Superraces populations which they came from geneticly (The Blackhaired Superrace which consists of all the blackhaired races we are seeing today around the Planet in one the Blackhaired Superrace derives from blackhaired men and women preancestories an preancestory race of men and women with black hair color who came from a blackhaired abe race the first real human genetic lifeline since Pre World Historical bioorganisms of more primitive lifeforms since The First Life on Planet Earth Our Alls Birth Planet of the Human Race Existence where life began as we know it, Mankind has only 2 Superraces the first developed one are the Blackhaired Superrace which developed into the newest and lastest Race which are the Lightblond Superrace which is a much higher developed race with statistically more scientists in it of higher nature, both Races has scientists the Blackhaired Superrace has almost no scientists statistically in its populations and the newest Superrace has statistically many scientists in its Lightblond Superrace, the New Lightblond Superrace has genetically evolutionary developed from the Blackhaired Superrace and are the newest and most advanced genetical race and has less aggressions and bad manners and are much more loving and kind and humanistic than all blackhaired and so it is Mankind’s Race has only 2 Top Races both reaching last stage of human genetic evolution on the same time in World Historical Time and has therefore reached its final stage of evolution and do no more develop evolutionally and are therefore 100% stable in nature without more changes, therefore Mankind Race has only 2 Superraces the Blackhaired Superrace which has 99.999% population coverage and the Lightblond Superrace which has less than 0.001% population left after directed racial wars versus the Lightblond Race by the Blackhaired Race (who misused the blond scientists own invented timemachines to win because the blonds were all loving and kind and nearly all scientists and a scientist race just it never went really mixed with the Blackhaired Races which destroys their DNA sections with their own bad ones) and must be protected by the Blackhaired Superrace in all individuals so they will never die or go extinct as individuals and as reward must the lightblond persons save All Blackhaired Superraces Races measured out in one lightblond individual to all blackhaired races or anyone race in need and the blondhaired was nearly all scientists, future Human Genetic Scientist from The End of Times of Civilization has learnt us all this and transmitted it back in time to our Early Million of Years of Civilization on request to me in Planetary Defenses where Planetary Defenders had to know the real truths about the human populations globally so they know what they were looking at and understood how and when to take actions on a global scale in cases of catastrophic global impactful destructions and racial problems and racial drops in populations and I am The World Leaders Original Handselected Planetary Defender and Master Educator of all the Planetary Defenders Generations up to where they had also timemachines for Planetary Defense versus Timemachine Criminals who ruined the populations globally with timemachine changes that caused Timemachine World Historical Changes which had to be confrontated by me and our Planetary Defenders and I am one of the most used and experienced Planetary Defenders of All Times of Mankind World History and I am fully educated by the Real World Leaders Technologies from them in Defense of Our Civilization and Mankind World History and has received a Conscience Download to my neurons with Full Education as Planetary Defender of the World Leaders Meetings plus My Own Conscience as Future Planetary Defender and Personality Download plus a support Law Memory Download from the World Leaders All Nations Presidents and they also send me all knowledge from them as Presidents from the future from All Nations around the World and the Secret Knowledge of the Secret World Leaders Meetings Champers to counterfight timemachine criminality for them all as their Own Planetary Defender after World Historical Attack so called World Historical Destructive Armageddon where Timemachine Wars or Super Timemachine Super World Historical Conspiracy Criminals with our nations has ruined and destroyed the future also called Armageddon World History Mass Extinction wherein all populations dies and new ones lives who has no rights to life and I am Choice 1 the Planetary Defenders Choice 1 for Planetary Defense All Global Defense Systems Planetary Defender and Leader of Planetary Defenders send from the World Leaders to restore law and order and bring World History back to normal) so the Civilization Superlaws was setop to STOP and PREVENT all uses of timemachines except for the World Leaders Express the World Leaders Timemachine Human Transporter flying from platform to platform and the Milky Way Timemachine World Court placed off all Planets in the Second Center of the Civilization (The First Center is Planet Earth) off all globes so no nations military can conquer their timemachines (the Civilization Timemachine World Court Levitating in Space with its own Fleet of Lightblond Aviator Pilots working for them has all timemachines ever in the Civilization and use them all the time and the Galaxtical Milky Way Galaxy Timemachine World Court has 99% blackhaired World Court Judges which must not be racial either) and I am The World Leaders Gatherings your World Leaders Meetings Forbidden Technology Hangars Gatekeeper 1 who Safeguard All Civilization’s Wonderweapons and Timemachines that is very very dangerous Of All Kind and I identify myself as All Nations World Leaders All Nations Presidents Presidential Personal Lifeguard Lifesavior Aviator Captain and their All Millenniums World Leaders Own Handselected All Nations Militaries World’s Strongest Muscle Commando Muscletech Presidential Lifeguard and Safety Safe World Leader Human Transporter Air and Space Captain their most beloved lightblond Astronaut Aviator of them all both Presidents and Monarchs and Emperrors and later their Handselected Planetary Defender from throughout Centuries and Millenniums and Millions of years of service for Planetary Defense their own World Leaders Meetings Gatherings Master Educator of All Different Generations of Planetary Defenders versus Threats from Space and later on on my advisoraries versus timemachine criminals of all kinds helping the Civilization’s World Leaders Meetings Own Timemachine Police Orders counterfight timemachine criminality and the so called World Historical Conspiracy Timemachine Super Criminals to safeguard and protect Our World History versus Timemachine Changes on Planet Earth later build out to All Globes Planetary Defense Systems to protect their surface from timemachine changes and also from threats from space with timemachines and I was active Planetary Defender former Hero of Mankind World History several times and also Hero of Planet Earth several times and foremost of all Hero of All Mankind from numerous Planetary Defense Works throughout World History active global former Nations Presidents and Global Super Celebrity for the peoples here in the Solar System on the Great Project of Earth Mover 1 and Earth Mover 2 which we successful constructed in cooperation with me and the other Planetary Defenders and moved Planet Earth from Solar System 1 to Solar System 2 which we kept repeat many times throughout World History and All World Leaders in the future knows who I am and can identify me out from these identification informations I am their Personal Lifeguard Lifesavior Highest Level of Civilization Above All Nations Safety Persons and I lived with my Blond Global Celebrity Wife 700 billions years of future before we became World Leader Assassinated both of us and they are stealing my Superlawed Blond Wife from me genociding me and her and all our lightblond children I can only get with her and our childrens children and their Huge Presidential Families of many nations thereincluded France and Asian Nations which we loved much and the peoples loved us and we are being genetical DNA robbed for our genetic codings and killed off in World Leader Assassinations in neverending repeating Worlds experienced as suffering repeating lives all days and nights eversince I was taken away from my genetical blondhaired parents house in U.S.A. and kidnapped over the borders across the Atlantic Ocean to Asia which it was named before the timemachine wars began (and never Europe it was renamed to Europe in that Zone of Asia also formerly called Asia West because of the high presence of timemachine World Historical Criminals from there having nearly all of the World’s timemachines in use there and it was never and has never been a Continent but is marked by the rest of us from Asias and Africas and Americans greater nations for having timemachine changes happening there all the time and we renamed it Europe another name for Timemachine War Zone that kills the rest of the Planet in repeating nuclear wars that keep flash on and off until they win from that zone and they kill off the rest of the Planet’s Populations by massproductions of distribution trading goods out from targeted whole population groups killer timemachine changes deliberate by timemachine businessmen with companies and simple timemachine telecorresponders in operations to make themselves richer and more powerful and the Next World Leaders in any of the Democratic Nations President Houses and they strike all Global Presidents in World Leader Assassinations and remove with men looking like to be coming from the Car Industries in Black and White civilian clothes annonymeously all World Leaders and spokes persons who is influential and Nations Presidents in Russia and Ukraine and United States of America and France and more nations around the World who are strongly and effectively against nuclear weapons in all nations to avoid the creation of the prohibition from Original World History versus the Nuclear Radio Active Weapons and so called Wonderweapons which are many times stronger then nuclear weapons being the smallest one of them all and the World’s First Recognized Timemachine Wars was the 1th World War and 2th World War setup by Timemachine Operators from a Mountain Chain in South Germany helped from the future from France and Germany with a black president a so called Enemy of All Mankind also called World History Conspiracy Timemachine Criminals Enemies of All Mankind killing us all until they are stopped and all Cold Wars are also timemachine wars caused by the collapse of the First Timemachine War which was combined both 1th and 2th World Wars another cover up name by information officers for The World First Great Timemachine War which has not ended yet and keep end in repeating Nuclear War in the future on different dates on different Millenniums because the Germans that lost their timemachine war never stopped and carry out their next logical move to take out their adversary the Combined North to South American Empire that has now ceased to exist as the War Ended in 1949 (an Empire that formed as the Nazies Empire Covered all of Asia and Africa and Australia conquered Japan and had also the whole Pacific in 1 Empire called Empire 1 of Planet Earth for the largest one of them and the American Alliance united North and Central and South America into 1 Empire refered to in World History as Empire 2 and unlike the other Empire from Central Europe Germany and Austria and Switzerland which created an real Empire with centralization to Central Germany did The Combined American Empire consist of Liberal Independent Nations cooperating for their existence as nations in liberty as a last stand for All Mankind to be free in) in a fierce multicontinental nuclear war they are constantly setting up by transborder our nations with businessmen deals and World Leader Assassinate Russia and U.S.A. using their own Real World History Book European Foreign Wars to drag U.S.A. with them into provocative foreign wars and set up new Cold Wars where they keep the americans close and set them up to conflict with Russia they pump up with larger nuclear arsenals than they ever had before and crack them both in several Millenniums from now and set off a nuclear war where they have planned Russia will take out all the large american cities and kill off its populations in ULTIMATIVE REVENGE and it has already elapsed several times and been stopped by me Planetary Defense and the nations conduct ulawful illegal timemachine wars destroying World History in Asia West they have also renamed to Europe in attempts to win the timemachine wars versus the now european zone from South East Asia and America with the rest of the World and the wars has nothing to do with Soviet Union they are only a tool by World Historical Super Criminals who carry away their most healthy human beings World Leaders who reduces and get rid of nuclear weapons as in normal World History where we never had any nuclear wars in Mankind World History in Solar System 1 and Solar System 2 and Solar System 3 and Solar System 4 and Solar System 5 and Solar Systems 6 and Solar System 7 and Solar System 8 and Solar System 9 and Solar System 10 and Solar System 11 and Solar System 12 and Solar System 13 and Solar System 14 counting upwards and we had World Peace no wars in all our solar systems with Earth Mover 1 and Earth Mover 2 moving the Planet Earth to extend World History with us Planetary Defenders Protecting it and safeguarding Planet Earth’s World History and we never experienced any such great wars as the 1th Timemachine War you call 1th and 2th World War and the Cold Wars which are in reality the same and one war that ends in the future in repeated nuclear warfare between several nations and nobody can see what is going on except me The World Leaders Gatekeeper 1 of the World Leaders Hangars Forbidden Technologies where I safeguarded the Planet’s Wonderweapons later moved by me into safety in empty space storages for Civilization Safeguarding and I am also the World Leaders Personal Planetary Defender Choice 1 your New World Leader who you must all bring together with the New World Leaders Meetings Summits the World History has been destroyed in Armageddon World History Destructions and I have to now after being part of saving you all from extinction again of nearly 85% of the Norther Hemispheres population be presented to the World Leaders Meetings and Introduced as Choice 1 from the future and past and from all nations in World History and their peoples from ancient times to the future where I already are written in as their World Leader a World Leader of World Leaders and as Planetary Defender Choice 1 to the New Planetary Defenders do my Lifesavior Work for Civilization as Choice 1 for population groups and DO AN ALPHA OMEGA TOTAL SAVIOR SETTING WORLD HISTORY BACK TO NORMAL WITH YOU ALL at accordance to the Original World Leaders Master Plan for Civilization handling of a Total Armageddon World History Destruction wherein all the Original Populations of All Nations and their Original World Leaders has been killed off by World Historical Changes and new persons gets to live it is called World History Armageddon and if it ever came to pass that both the Original World Leaders were too weak to could Reset World History back to normal and or if they fail correcting World History 100% back to normal then I am Choice 1 to do it their All World History Choice 1 who always are born here on Planet Earth and in the future were the World’s Oldest Man who survived here from the 20th and 21th Centuries through NASA Human Ice Survival Systems coming through as the First Man on Mars which are my startout World History in All Mankind World History Book whereafter I lived doing Civilization Works on many levels and works to STOP ALL ARMAGEDDONS for the Civilization as Civilization Infrastructure itself being CHOSEN AS CHOICE 1 by all Nations of the Civilization’s World Leaders from Billions of Billions of years of World History reaching with the World Leaders Timemachine Express Into the Ancient World History to Ancient Egypt where Civilization began in the way we like it and to elsewhere such as Rome where Cesar ruled later also evcuated into the futures with lots of other World Historical Famous World Leader from ancient times and into Asia to India and ancient China and to the Emperrors of Japan and the japanesian peoples and to the ancient americans the Incas and from there upwards into World History to meet with and present all Choices possible for Choice 1 and Choice 2 and Choice 3 and Choice 4 and Choice 5 and Choice 6 and Choice 7 counting upwards in tens of many to the many different ancient peoples populations and their famous World Leaders we all had read about in World History and see on TV from World Leaders Recordings of All Civilization World History from Ranged Deep Space Outer Solar Systems with World Leaders Advanced Video Technologies which can not touch us but see us all from the clear blue skies of recordings of All World History placed into all of our Central States Libraries in All Nations and all peoples of All World History choose me as Choice 1 as the World’s Most Powerful World Leader their own World History Oldest Man from All Millenniums of World History their own First Man on Another Planet from the First 2 Missions to Mars in World History their alls all Nations World Leaders Protector and Master Educator of both the World Leaders Protectors and World Leaders Planetary Defenders and World Leaders Own Timemachine Police Orders who safeguarded them all through World History and also build up own nations and gifted them freely to Planet Earth the Civilizations Center 1 to Commonwealth of the Civilization and who had done many times Civilization Timemachine World Court Judge Works throughout Millenniums in the Civilizations Second Center safeguarding Civilization and World History as a whole while causing only prosperity to the Civilization throughoutly and stopping the World’s Largest Criminals and Super Criminals and World Historical Conspiracy Timemachine Criminals Enemies of All Mankind also Permanent Member of All World Leaders Meetings as Honorable World Leader Member and Lightblond Pharao of Planet Earth constantly representing all nations as their Pharao nextside their democratic elected Presidents and Kings and also Emperrors and other World Leaders such as Chairman Ministers and I am CHOICE 1 send to the Original World Leaders and the New World Leaders instructed from the Original World Leaders and the background of the Universe to present them myself as Choice 1 and be introduced to them whereafter they must educate me in All of their Peoples Languages and Civilization Sciences and all required sciences to fully understand everything to could make the best Choices for them all as CHOICE 1 who are precoded by the Original World Leaders to do the World’s Greatest World Event of All Known World History ever with the World Leaders and their Nations and Populations in unity together and save all Mankind versus the 4 Extinction Armageddons I have witnessed NOW and I am ACTIVATED NOW AS CHOICE 1 here to save all Mankind from the 4 Armageddons I carry with me to save you all from together with your Original and New World Leaders and Original and New Populations and we will start with Total Savior Versus the Extinction Armageddon of Aging Deaths and then followed by an Alpha Omega Total Savior Resetting World History Back To Normal as I am educated in do with by the Original World Leaders and Our Civilization World History which has already come to pass before World Historical Timemachine Destructions the original populations are death this is Choice 1 send from them to you all to bring order back in the World and reset the World Laws back in functions for All Mankind and cause savior of you all also versus the Armageddon Nuclear War in the future that has already happened and I will prevent it in happening as your Planetary Defender carrying you all through this troubled World Historical Passage and survive it trust me I am your Planetary Defender of Planet Earth who has arrived from ranged views and has already stepped in your pasts as active Planetary Defender protecting you all and I am born here on Planet Earth and are ANNOUNCING MY ARRIVAL NOW IN WORLD HISTORICAL TIMES TAKE ME IMMEDIATELY TO ALL YOUR NATIONS WORLD LEADERS AND THEN TO THE WORLD LEADERS MEETINGS) and taking me away from her to kill us off by slow suffering aging deaths preventing us in survive the Global Aging Death Armageddon she and me already saved you all from and caused savior of before attacking by Enemy Timemachine Criminals and we are suffering to deaths in a repeating timemachine boble capture that keeps repeats all the time each 4 months and some times within a few days time and at other occations with decades inbetween before I find myself in the past again and I am being repeatedly killed off by human followers with a timemachine who prevent me in get contact and help from the police in all nations with a millitary industrial company in Central Europe which uses a global satellite system of 4 satellites to keep track me with as their hostagetaken slave they have come a BOOBYTRAPPING G.P.S. Microchip inside inbetween my 2 brainhalfs under my skull so I can not get it out and it is BOOBYTRAPPED so it can not be taken out with a Soviet Union metal steelwire of excotix metals which are much stronger than in the Western World so therefore nobody must operate the BOOBYTRAPPING G.P.S. Microchip out of me because I do not want to die and the World’s International and Nations Police Forces must come to me and give me gradual changing new identifications and a lifestyle that suits them so I can get with the police professional police investigation law enforcements to solve all crimes versus me and All Mankind by the Enemy Timemachine Criminals who has World Leader Assassinated me Gatekeeper 1 to could steal vital informations from the future of the new World Leaders Summits Forbidden Technologies Hangars which they have already planned with marinesoldiers and how to replace the highest level safety officers hereby declaring RED ALERT ALL MANKIND IN DANGER get me immediately to the World Leaders Meetings and identify me I am your own President and Gatekeeper 1 and the World Leaders Most Entrusted Lifeguard Lifesavior Pilot and Timemachine Aviator Captain from the Superrace of Lighblonds save me please I am Superlawed read All Civilization Superlaws that counts above All Nations and World Leaders decisions and all Justice Affairs Concils and the Milky Way Second Center of Civilization Levitating in Empty Space Timemachine World Court and All Supreme Courts of the World and Nations and Councils of Joints Cooperation Justice Affairs please give me savior and justice this is from Gatekeeper 1 World Leaders Highest Level above the Civilization Safety Person.

Currently activating Planetary Defenses I am your Planetary Defender take me NOW to your World Leaders immediately THIS IS PLANETARY DEFENSE DO IMMEDIATELY WHAT I TELL YOU WE ARE IN ARMAGEDDON AND EVERYBODY IS DEATH I AM PLANETARY DEFENSE TAKE ME TO YOUR WORLD LEADERS!!!!!!!!!!


Contact me via SMS Mobilephone: 004531131753


Skype: NASA-Astronaut





I am United States government and I have a woman who is my wife your First Lady and she lives in New York and is called Our Savior please save us and read her identity here click on this text and help me together with her click click click click on this text...

Name: Armstrong (kidnapped and identity robbed as baby)

Height: 194 centimeters tall in All Nations Central States

Eye Colors: Seen from Spaceview Ocean Blue Eyes

Race: Born Lightblond Superrace Man

Origin: Asian South Lightblond Race born North America

Political Person: I am a Liberty Victory Democrat

A.E. Religions: All Nations Central State Bible Man




I need LIFE SAVIOR by All Nations Central State Police Marshals and All Nations Civilian and Military Police Forces and the 4 Independent International Police Agencies covering all 4 Continents and the Pacific Region and All Nations Territories and the International Territories established in the 1800th Centuries A.E. before my birth in 1981 A.E. our Earth Time more international police agencies were to follow after my birth during Millenniums of lifetime A.E. means After Earth Timeline Beginning...


Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

Open and click PDFPersonal_Identification_to_All_Nations_National_Presidents_files/This%20is%20Planetary%20Defense%20I%20come%20alone%20save%20me%20you%20have%20all%20been%20changed%20in%20Armageddon%20I%20am%20your%20Savior%20Hero%20of%20All%20Mankind%20your%20New%20Humankind%20with%20Planetary%20Defense%20Innitiative%20take%20me%20to%20your%20Nations%20World%20Leaders%20and%20World%20Leaders%20Meetings..._1.pdf
Open and click PDFPersonal_Identification_to_All_Nations_National_Presidents_files/PD%20Civilization%20Rescue%20911_1.pdf
Open and click PDFPersonal_Identification_to_All_Nations_National_Presidents_files/Red%20Alert%20World%20History%20Under%20Attack%20Save%20Me%20and%20my%20New%20Yorker%20WIfe%20Out%20Of%20Here%20By%20Future%20World%20Leaders%20Flying%20Timemachine%20Aeroplanes%20which%20visited%20the%20ancient%20Pyramids%20Pharaos%20and%20shake%20hands%20with%20them%20in%20ancient%20World%20History_1.pdf
Open and click PDFPersonal_Identification_to_All_Nations_National_Presidents_files/Blond%20wife%20in%20and%20from%20United%20States%20of%20America%20save%20us_1.pdf
CLICK PHOTOPersonal_Identification_to_All_Nations_National_Presidents_files/AAA%20Aeronautics%20Astronautics%20Aviators%20World%20Leaders%20Flagship%201%20Representing%20them%20ALL_1.pdf
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