21th Century AE Policing:  As the 51th President of United States of America will I reform the modern police world wide drastically in all ways possible to suit the 21th century’s and future centuries citizens demands / requirements fully in all ways. Police is the single most important infrastructure in Mankind’s Civilization and has always been existing with priority number 1 above all else in all societies, nations, continents, globally, and in space and other planets to the everlasting reaches of space. All peoples and individuals has rights to close contact with trustworthy police officers that has to self could come inside all buildings and onboard any airplanes and spaceplanes and visit anywhere and get close to all peoples alive to could as necessary rescue them from criminal situations and slavery and controlled environments and rescue them out to freedom and could take report and bring justice to all peoples and individuals who needs it. I will reform the police in 4 big ways with Police Survival Uniforms, Police Survival Helmets, Aerial Police Human Transporter, a Global Police Communication Tracking Satellite System. The criminals has moved into a high-tech modern time age where they have more criminal things in their control to block their victims off from getting rescue by the police, such as own company departments, own satellites, own computer servers to fence off their victims from reaching the police via the internet and phonelines, other high-tech weapons and technology hardwares/composites. The idea about a criminal looking like the Gangers of Chicago with a pistol and machine pistol is a 1930ties criminal scenario, the modern one has become far more hardened and become far more dangerous and citizens has never been so much in danger as they are now! What I will start with doing is equip the national and international police with a High-Tech Police Survival Uniform build of high-tech central state patents and materials and with strength and powers build into it and with a High-Tech Police Survival Helmet to secure the long term survival of the individual police officer in case of death caused by war and explosions and coalitions and shootings so that the police officers undamaged head and damaged body will remain possible to freeze down in the Central State Human Survival Systems which I will naturally start with establishing as priority 1 for all Mankind’s sake. The Police Survival Uniforms is intended to be worn by all in action police officers for both national and international police, and bring the police in position to could with bravery enter any buildings in civil and government and military without fears of defeat and so they will could be mild and kind and friendly and show human kindness in pursuit of successful law enforcement instead of statistically being violent and threatening and unkind and angry in voice with unrest in hands and body and minds (a cop that we do not want to handle first degree of justice bringing). I imagine a Survival Police Uniform that gives the police the upper hand in any given situations so that they can focus on pursuit of accomplishment of law enforcement and justice to all peoples also the criminal individuals, a Special Material Uniform making the police the most and best quipped out there in the world’s environments so that a liberal and successful police can raise world wide handling a wider and faster and more advanced policing than today. Such a superior Survival Police Uniform with Survival Police Helmet will leave the police officers in position to could solve their works with use of smaller and milder weapons because of less danger in the work situation (but I am by no means going to remove the arms from the police before future technologies replaces their primitive functionality with unwanted deathly effect). I imagine that the police will could perform their works with new high-tech weapons assisted by new lines of already existing electrical shooting weapons instead of having to storm a building with machine pistols because they will be equipped with the world’s most advanced human survival combat police uniforms and a tactical survival police helmet. And secondly will I equip the national and international police corps with advanced high-tech police satellites that can track communications on all other peoples satellites in space and scan telecommunication on the planet so that the police can live up to the new world’s victims demands to have to be found by the police instead of the victims have to self call the police which won’t work anymore when the criminals prevents it and block off the victims from could do that. In order to accomplish this must the police have seeking scanners scanning phone conversations and internet communications via a new advanced high-tech police satellite system (capable of access all phone networks on the planet to could help everyone) to could find victims of crimes and self come help them instead of wait on somebody to file a report or call the police which might never happen in the most crimes (the real victims never gets help), because in our century do the criminals own their own computer servers that can shield off their victims from the real global internet and limit them down via telecommunications so that they can not self reach for help from the police and if they do so can the criminals see what they are doing, and the only solution to that problem is to have the world’s police self seek and find the victims of crimes by high-tech police equipment starting with a Global Police Communication Tracking Satellite System the police has to be equipped with earliest possible. The Police Satellites is not just for internal secure police communications and coordination, it has to be build in such a way that they can be used to intercept all Central States and Militaries and Governments and Civilians and surveillance them and their telecommunications for signs of victims of crime in all 4 departments of our global civilization. Most important of all must the police corps be equipped with Aerial Police Human Transporters (a new production line of a jet and rocket based aircraft called an Aerial Police Human Transporter which will be capable of perform all tasks faster than a helicopter and fly faster than conventual F-14 Fighters do it today while it can fly with high precision in slow speeds and easily stands calm and still in the mid air and calmly turn around and land and pursue both ground vehicles / cars and airplanes in normal atmosphere) that will could land anywhere on private's and government’s and central state’s and militaries properties and outside on public roads in secure precise style having special equipped Police Survival Uniformed Police Officers coming out of them before entering any buildings on Planet Earth nationally and internationally to arrest all types of criminals and bring justice out to the victims of crimes. I will forcefully equip the National Police Corps and minimum also the International Police Corps with mass productions of Survival Police Uniforms with Survival Police Helmets and Aerial Police Human Transporters for everybody and a Global Police Communication Tracking Satellite System to counter fight criminals and crimes in the 21th century and beyond. I am foremost of all a Police President and Police Candidacy and Police Campaignship in the Sign of Police and in the Name of Justice and Truth and Glory (one could say my middle name is police but it is just ironic meant, my focus goes out on safe lives of both police officers and bandits statistically).

NAPI North American Police Industries:  The 51th President of United States of America me will establish the World’s first Central State Police Industries a Central State Police Industry to support our Civilization’s Police Forces of all kinds providing police weapons and police high-tech uniforms and stealth police communication equipments and cloud police satellites and police vehicles (manned cars and robotic cars and more) and police ships for costal and river searches and police aeroplanes and all they need in world history throughoutly. The World of Police will get their own Central States Police Technology Industrial Mass Production Industries, a so called NAPI North American Police Industries that has to undertake creation of all advantages to the police forces in forms of defensive and offensive police weapons and police equipments and police crafts, such as the new coming standardization of all wearing Survival Police Uniforms and Survival Police Helmets of special handselected advanced Central State Patents and Central State Rare Materials and the Police Aerial Human Transporters bringing the police into the 21th Century and new millennium. Foremost will NAPI North American Police Industries be completely separated from the Military Scientific Industries and Bases and the free civil industries in pursuit of creation of weaponry and equipments and aircrafts among more technologies for police purposes for a better world of tomorrow after tomorrow always. It is a world historical New Industry yet unseen in the Civilization throughout world history that has to be established in our beautiful Civilization. NAPI North American Police Industries has to undertake create Police Branded breakthrough new safe technologies and aircrafts for the U.S. National and International Police Forces and World of Police and replace the industrial military weapon production companies weapons from the hands of our World’s Police Forces so those world historical criminals can not benefit economically on all our Civilization’s Policestations purchases of weapons and high-tech equipments for pursuit of success law enforcement and First Degree of Justice Bringing to the peoples and their World Leaders whose lives depends on us and our independence of the military industrial production lines which are a Global Security Threat to Mankind and causing millions of peoples to die in gun shootings on the streets and in crimes and self defense where lifetaking are completely undesired in our Civilization. NAPI’s North American Police Industries’s mass productions of Police Weapons and Police Uniforms and Police Crafts are going to sell through foreign trade and increase our Central State economical incomes and make our nation the riches in the World and an alliance partner to keep forever. This Police Civilization Infrastructure Scientific and Engineerical Police Industries (also helping making Wonder Policestation Blueprints for construction) alongside a Ground to Air and Space Missile Defense Shield covering All Million Citizen Cities and Key Shelters and buildout of Central State Human Ice Survival Systems FOR EVERYBODY are going to benefit the nations peoples enormously much making our nation the greatest this world has ever seen!

  NAPI North American Police Industries will be established with the beginning of the National Undertaking of reequipping the U.S. Black Uniformed Police with Aerial Police Human Transporters to replace all cars on the streets and helicopters in the skies and with new Survival Police Uniforms with Presidential orders therenext to invent the World’s first Police Wall Scanners to scan through walls for captured Human Beings such as slaves and servitudes and hostages captured behind closed doors that looks seeming openable from outside.

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