MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency:  Our Civilization has come to an end wherefrom we together require a savior in times of needs of mercy and we must have this Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency PTIA a so called MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency and I am the original U.S. 51th President of the United States of America who has been attacked by psychopathic enemy timemachine criminals using unlimited amounts of strikes upon me since I were born and I am in Defense of 100s of billions of peoples in the distant future as a World Leader and peaceful assembler of lifeguarding humankind specimen populations around the World and I am their Defender the earliest prototype of humankind specimen planetary defenders a so called White Astronaut from the Planet’s Space Programs the AAA Aeronautics Astronauts Aviators =AAA= the Planetary Defenders generation 1 here to serve and protect Mankind and restore original world history back to normal and I bring you emergency support Planetary Defender Choice 1 the World’s most healthy human being chosen by all World’s Races and all original World Leaders and I am their commander in charge the World’s mightiest warrior Planetary Defender the Light Blond Race Choice 1 our Humankind Specimen defenders of truth and justice and prosperity to everybody I am Choice 1 Mankind and Womankind Planetary Defender and Defender of All Mankind your White Astronaut Commander and Captain the world legendary 51th President of the United States of America hero of the Soviet Union. Our Humankind Specimen Civilization are under attack by enemy timemachine criminals and the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must take reports of all kinds of crimes and of timemachine criminality versus any Human Beings and new standard for report taking by the police who will could handle it. MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must work similar to the CENTERCOM settings officers life standards beyond the remaining human populations with the World’s highest disciplinary nature where the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency’s Police Intelligence Officers so called MPTIAO Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency Officers must be entering on work with both face scans and iris scans and brain scans (because they could have spy microchips inside their heads and they can be scanned also if detained for in depth questionings) to get into the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency where they must undertake The World’s Most Important Work of All Mankind doing police screen intelligence works on the Civilization’s Highest Police Security Level known, operating to generate rescue missions world wide to neutralize deaths and slaveries and hostagetakings and humans in matrixes and illegal clonings and human disappearances and biological human experimentations and illegal brain surgeries and guinea piggings and timemachine criminalities and help stop Armageddons and help support our life requiring in the APOCALYPSE humankind specimen extinction. The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency will generate intelligence report givings to themselves and their requesting Policestations around the World and those rescue missions documentations will be broadcasted from their MPTIAs timemachine screens to their past MPTIAs timemachine screens to before the deaths and hostagetakings and human disappearances occurred in right time for savior and from there will the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency telecorrespond and return transcommunication to the Policestations which will then could plan in advance for the given situation and rescue the deaths and losts and disappeared and worsened. The MPTIA’s aim is to cause highest possible statistical savior of the Global Human Population possible in combination with such Human Life Support Systems such as the Central State Human Ice Survival Systems that must be established to undertake life savior of all U.S. Citizens where deaths are caused by aging deaths and/or any other causes of deaths and These NASA Human Ice Survival Systems (Life Support Systems) Is Meant To Support The Human Population So We Will ALL Get To Live Forever Young afterwards in approximately 4444 years time.

  A Timemachine Classification 1 is a wave information timemachine that functions between the timemachine hardware unit forth and back in time from any given moment in time from A (set in function) to B (any given moment in the future time as long time as it continues be in function) and from B to A between the timemachine hardware unit forth and back as the Police Timemachine Intelligence Officer signals it and in the Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency will the timemachine class 1 be installed to a digital converter unit sending the informations directly to a computer screen wherefrom the Police Timemachine Intelligence Officers can operate the timemachine correspondence via the Intelligence Police computer screens.

  Timemachine Classification 2 and 3 and 5 are restricted and prohibited throughout world history by the original world leaders in original world history and are restricted to the Planetary Defenders from the Outer Planetary Defense Installations surrounding the Solar System on a large scale range into deep unhabitatebale space and this prohibition must be cancelled now I am commander1 of the heroflagship1 laststand for Human Specimen life and there was not almost any world leaders left and we all died in the apocalypse now apocalypsem so help liberate good uses timemachines help help help help help.


  Legal use of timemachine Law 0:  The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must forcefully help safeguard the World Leaders from enemy timemachine assassinations by other World Leaders and the Central States and world’s militaries and corporations and the world of peoples, and protect the peoples World Leaders freedoms and lives forever from good time in advance of their births to forever young life, and the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency are carrying the Humankind’s Specimen’s Civilization’s first responsibility to report from the futures back in time all the time to the MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency and from them directly in responsibility to the World Leaders about factual large scale wars that have gotten out of hand and armageddons versus Mankind and have timemachine links to the end of times to the APOCALYPSE and send back in time from then all necessary blueprints for human specimen survival with order givings to the inspace manufacturing plants and industrial gigantic production lines and beforehand share all blueprints from end of time with all Humankind Specimen Civilization Citizens to everybody gets it plus sights of the apocalypse where everybody dies and human race goes extinct.

  Antitimemachine Law 1:  Under no circumstances must any worldly military fortifications and timemachine bunkers and nuclear secure bunkers in underground and mountains and hills and buildings have or obtain worldly Humankind Specimen build and or constructed timemachines and the military must never have it and it must be good and kind and friendly and never evil towards the human populations and even enemies in surrender but never have timemachines. ANTITIMEMACHINE LAW 1 ARE THAT THE MILITARY MUST NOT HAVE TIMEMACHINES!!!!!!!!!!

  Legal use of timemachine Law 2:  The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must have responsibility to throughout time in our entire Civilization to prevent Armageddon.

  Antitimemachine Law 3:  All humankind populations are responsible to report any sights of timemachine criminalities to the nearest to event occurred timemachine crime and those timemachine crime reports must be taken very serious and lead to police investigations whereafter a choice are made to stop the crimes and there beforehand and during and afterwards investigate the timemachine crimes further in hope to find the criminals having a timemachine they use for criminality (and they are the world’s hardest criminals all time high).

  Legal use of timemachine Law 4:  The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must neutralize deaths of any kinds such as aging deaths, homicides, accidents (in life and in transportation in vehicles and trains and ships and airplanes and spaceplanes and spacecrafts and universally everywhere), suicides (it must go through law enforcement and juridical process for those who want to suicide).

  Legal use of timemachine Law 3The MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must neutralize completely 100% any kinds of slavery (human specimen slavery of all kinds thereincluded are servitude and work enslavement and sex slavery and rapes and unvolunteer questionaries except in case of law enforcement intelligence gathering and in supreme justices where humanity needs to know truths about world actual events).

Timemachine Law 6:  MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency must be placed on the 3 continents on Planet Earth (America therenext one in Asian South and therenext one in Asian Central and thereafter also one in Central Africa because Europe is playing with timemachines and must not get them for any prices on Earth) and their mission are to undertake intergalaxtical cooperation with all worldly policestations registered in at least 1 legal nation in all of our civilization.

Timemachine Law 8:  MPTIA Mankind Police Timemachine Intelligence Agency and all of our combined Civilization’s Timemachine Cops and Timemachine Justice Affairs of Mankind must never interfere versus a Planetary Defender arriving from space to Planet Earth authorized to take over from the World Leaders and control the cause of world history with therein total control with all Mankind military generals and all of our Civilization’s Police Officers under 1 Leadership by the first arriving Planetary Defender from the Blond Race and Black Haired Races continually in nuclear wars and armageddon without our interferences to change the destines of our humankind specimen versus the apocalypse humankind specimen extinction and the there inbetween big threats named armageddon. This is written by me your Planetary Defender arriving now.


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