Police Space Agency:  Our Civilization must have a Police Space Agency established immediately via a World Leaders Meeting. We have to have a so called MPSA Mankind Police Space Agency that must construct all Police Spaceplanes and Spacecrafts and Space Equipments for our Civilization to the Space Police and Nations Police (that might buy their own smaller vehicles in pursuit of policing) and therefore construct and have their on ground and inspace own Spaceplanes and Spacecrafts human and robotic manufacturing plants. The undertaking is to have 1 common Civilization Police Space Agency to all our galaxtical empires and their Ocean Blue Planets. The Space Police Spaceplanes and Spacecrafts must consist of both Space Police Officers and Space Rescue Officers and Heroes and Diplomats and Medics for boarding all other Spaceplanes and Spacecrafts and Colonialstarcrafts. In this very beginning from now and the next many hundreds of years to follow are the main requirement of the early MPSA Mankind Police Space Agency productions to build just a few Space Police and Rescue Spaceplanes to ensure the Continents Space Programs rescue backup missions if their Endeavoring Spaceflights sound Red Alert, and it is its primary purpose to undertake all rescue missions in case of emergency and absolute life danger and fail of equipment so the Continents Space Programs can undertake their spaceflights and not for each mission have a duplicate spacevehicle as backup to come and get them home, that role will the MPSA Mankind Police Space Agency take care of with the Space Police and Rescue Officers with the Space Police Spaceplanes. The Civilization’s MPSA Mankind Police Space Agency and their Space Police must continually innovate and invent and strengthen the Space Police Forces Police Spacecrafts engines to be the highest degree of powerful Spacecraft Engines compared to all other types and versions of space engines so the Space Police always can get to the fastest moving extreme endeavoring spacevehicles much faster than anything else in the universe from the Human Civilization of both Statespacecrafts and Militaryspacecrafts and Civilianspacecrafts and Experimentalspacecrafts and Colonialstarcrafts must contain observance of all outergoing extreme endeavoring spacevehicles searching for new Ocean Blue Planets and making starmappings and flying on endeavors and flying really really really far away from the rest of us where there is the highest danger of zero return possibilities.

Space Policing:  Mankind need established a Space Police with a new classification of Space Police Officers with Unique Universal Space Police Licenses and White Space Police Uniform. And also the World of Police must have their police licenses extended into space environment where there currently do not exist laws and procedures for Space Police and World Leaders Security Police and International police and National Police and Military General Police and Military Police and Police Marshals and Space Cops Of The Future onboard any spaceflights! I want to contribute as White Astronaut and Air and Space Police Marshal to law enforcement and policing and space rescues in space and deep space and onboard all spaceplanes and spacecrafts. I can not imagine the World in any other ways than Planet Earth and Space with aeronautic spaceplanes and spacecrafts going eventually in the future in all directions, and I want our World to establish Space Police Procedures already now and become established for use by Space Police Officers and the World of Police with United Space Police Licenses given directly by the World Leaders Meetings to have police start space policing versus all kinds of criminality and foremost of all undergo Space Rescue Missions of all individuals in emergencies and who are lost in space and are in troubles with their spaceplanes and spacecrafts or survival equipments or mass communication equipments or are in life threatening personal situations that all the sudden do require rescue. A New World era has arrived in which Mankind has to conquer space entirely and survive in space environment alongside as on Planet Earth and the Ocean Blue Planets and from here and henceforth must we finance and keep out for those who needs help in space. Space is the final frontier for policing, and they need good luck on their way, good luck that I am willing to give them as their galaxtical elected presidents! Nobody must be left behind, no man no woman no child left behind anywhere in space and deep space and on hostile planets and hostile moons not even one time in our entire galaxtical civilization, also not their invisible souls in case of death or they fall out or is robbed from them because they must all be returned to the Civilization’s Ocean Blue Planets populated by human beings where they can be safe on a well established civilization planet’s surface!!!

  Spacelaw: All human beings are all committed to return any Human Being asking to be returned to a nearby Ocean Blue Planet well established as our Civilization populated by many many Human Beings who has also an inspace manufacturing plant of transportation vehicles.

  Spacelaw: All Mankind’s Specimen spaceplanes and and spacecrafts and space environments space aviation systems of all sizes must under all circumstances return to the nearest Ocean Blue Planet well established as our Civilization populated by many many human beings who has also an inspace manufacturing plant of transportation vehicles in all cases of system or flight system breakdown and system overriding and engine failure of any kinds and motoric breakdowns and also total breakdowns and electronic mistakes and human controlled cockpit malfunctioning and human controlled cockpit rejection of human controls and inputs to return to start of flight and any human life supports slipping up before scheduled return to the nearest Ocean Blue Planet populated by human beings where they can be safe on a well established civilization planet’s surface and in case of Human Safety Flight Control Timemachine malfunctioning of any kinds that therefore endangers the flight and in case of death of the flightdeck and commandbridge and cockpit aviator captains and flight control commanders and also in case of total death of all human personnel onboard any spaceflights. Example, european engine scientists invent the fastest spaceplanes and in extreme speed reaches highest possible speed and are unstoppable and unreturnable must therefore have rescue could come immediately from snapper Space Police Spacecrafts with even faster Space Police Spacecraft Propulsion Engines flying the police to rescue so no human beings can be lost in space or ever die and that is the responsibility of all galaxtical police forces and the Space Police.

  We need a World Law to have all spacecrafts in our Civilization constructed with outside mountable ports so all Space Police can mount on to all spacecraft types of all sizes entirely and get into and meet with all human beings onboard any spacecrafts and the Space Police needs these outside mountable ports to could undergo outside in boardings and bridgings of all other types of spacecrafts intergalaxticly. All Human Beings has Human Right in all nations born onboard spacevehicles to be visited by all nations police and the Universal Space Police and always with universal rights of Humankind Specimen to get person to person contact and rescue and help and assistance and out rescue of any spacevehicles (and married partners together as a couple never to be separated) and have universal rights to personally talk private in privacy and person to person and conversate with all nations police and the Universal Space Police when they are in space off from the human populated Civilization’s Planetary Territories during their lives as Human Beings and they have universal rights to always be reached and visited when in international and national neutral and galaxtical space environment by all nations police and the Universal Space Police from the outside when ever they are needing person to person contact with Police and Rescue Services and Heroes and Diplomats and Medics and has either signaled for emergency help or general policing or diplomatic support or medical support or the Space Police has scanned through their spacevehicle and found a hostage or criminal event or spotted criminality or has calculatedly catch up suspicion to a spaceflight and scanned it from the outside and chosen to investigation the spaceflight or situated situation for crimes towards Human Beings and the Space Police finest deed are to get in human contact earliest possible in time and space. In all of our Civilization’s populations spacevehicles must onboard be a competent law educated civilian police officer of mature age who has undergone Civilization training in general policing and completed with satisfying results the examination of them as good persons or they are naturally disqualified as support police for spaceflights and successes of space environments spaceflight. In all galaxtical empires nations of our combined Humankind Specimen Civilization must all Human Beings born every day in everywhere of space onboard the civilization’s spacecrafts could get police from outside to undertake police investigations and also in the Militaryspacecrafts and Privatespacecrafts and Colonialstarcrafts and Statespacecrafts and Industrialspacecrafts and Corporatespacecrafts and Companyspacecrafts and royalcy Monarchspacecrafts and Governmentspacecrafts of any types with any amount of persons onboard and the Heroflagship1 because we cover for everybody in the World.

  We need a World Law that permit the Space Police to scan space trafficking from outside into any spacecrafts of all types to scan for situations and for lawful purposes monitor everybody free of will and as Space Police Primary Duty for Civilization inspace Law Enforcement and to sustain human contact between government the civilian populations, out there will the only government human beings are ever going to meet be the many galaxtical empires nations national and international police and everybody’s Universal Space Police with will always arrive with Space Police Officers and Space Rescue Officers and different types of Heroes and Diplomats and Medics and with more different kinds of potential extra types of helpers and the governments officials and example juridical officers and the United Nations Authority.

  Spacelaw: We must have a spacelaw that obligates all space trafficking to have to respond rationally and truthfully to the combined Civilization’s Space Police via their spacecrafts main communication equipments and also when contacted on non main spacecraft communication equipments for flightdeck officers and all and any of their passengers and onboard Human Beings and the radio contact of all types are to do preempted law enforcement with and to plan their approach before boarding any of the galaxtical Civilization’s imperial nations and mores space going spacecrafts!

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