Giving here my full identification as it was wanted by All Nations Presidents and World Leader Protectors being also All Free Peoples Nations Democratic Elected Presidents themselves and assisted by from future World Leader Protectors working on above the highest of the highest levels from above All World Leaders Information Rights Levels for Global Presidential Democracy Presidential Protection of our theirs their Most Celebrity Famous Presidents of All World History theirs their beloved only 2 Permanent Global Celebrity Couple their Lightblond Global Celebrity Darling Couple known by all peoples from so many chaptors of World History here on Planet Earth and in hundreds of thousands of Global Hollywood Success Movies beloved by all and our very famous beautiful lightblond and blond and also blackhaired Presidential Families from so many Nations Presidencies and Nations World History from around the World and my Early Space Endeavors outwardgoing from Planet Earth to Mars here in The 21th Century whereafter I was elected U.S. President in the World’s History’s Largest Presidential Voting Success in All of U.S. World History ever seen in time a Presidency so Large many Million Years were to elapse before an equal were found that compares to the success of The 51th Presidency the World’s Largest ever seen in All of World History and thanks to an Mars Landing that went well and successful with me onboard being the First Man on Mars and on another Planet’s surface in World History of Mankind all combined and also seen from The Return to The Moon Missions Land again on The Moon and with later chracters such as from an Californian Governor who fought for Alls Survival through NASA Central State Freeze Systems similars for adaptation by The Central State of All Nations Globally and through Congress and The Senate and International U.S. Supreme Highest Court in Washington D.C. and The International Community and Commonwealth itself and via International Diplomatic Contracts with All Nations in The World Globally and via targeted Congressional Support to The Free Peoples Companies in similar equal savior of The World’s Citizens via the World’s First Established National and International Human Survival System’s Freezer Life Preservation Systems (so called Central State NASA Human Survival Systems) build also first by our families in thousands 2700 hundreds years before before more companies also did it out from New York Companies arrising and NASA Central State Patents brought through our families own build and financed Free Peoples International Companies by my wife later in World History called Our Savior by All Nations Governments in The Whole Wide World and in Many Nations in Asia and Africa’s Own Nations World History for hardened workmanship (their Governments should had done we did for them as the World’s Later Largest Presidential Families among you all also on a wave of success from these early success Government moves) as The World’s First Statesmen who worked fro both inside and outside of your many Nations Governments saving you all before in 3200 hundreds years future the World’s earlist Nations began also freeze down their citizens as they died already declared alive upon deaths by my families and NASA and me your 51th President and through Congress of United States and National and International Law and Our Savior before Governments set in saved more than 1.2 Billion World Citizens out from her own companies alone and set many more in functions on our economies as successful business woman and made it as previously explained U.S. President as The World’s First Democratic Free Peoples of Commonwealth’s Nations President Woman of All Nations in The World in All and Every Nations Combined World History and also in The White Mens White Bible and in The White Book of White Mankind’s Combined Concise World History Book of Mankind World History and my Presidents are All Mine to Protect and Save and I need to could savior them we have been World Leader Assassinated and I love them all and they must all live we already saved you and we are called the armageddon team all nations and entire civilization’s  Armageddon teams from their future who saves all peoples lives also mine as times goes by and I need to get out of here so savior me and all the way home to my wife she is from New York.

Giving here my identification:

51th U.S. President of United States of America married with the World’s most wonderful woman.

Human Doctor of Psychology educated Washington D.C. University The World’s Best.

White Central State White Human Genetic Scientist

Central State NASA White Scientist

Educated Washington D.C. University International Diplomat in Diplomacy 10 years in Diplomatic Writtings and Diplomatic Language and in International Laws and Contracts and also in Constitutional Writtings and Central State Constitutional Laws.

World’s First All Nations and All Nations Central States and Governments Representative for the entire Human Race as Diplomat to Another World so called Other Worldly Civilizations of Non Human Origin to so called Alien Civilizations Fully Educated in both Human Psychology and Alien Lifeforms Psychology and as front Representant of The Entire Human Race to another World who are to walk in front of all other kinds of officers and military and police and all in first meeting with another Worldly Alien Civilization Civilized Lifeform of Non Human Origin as single only one Representation for Our Civilization of Mankind and All Nations within it for in hundreds of Millions of years to come educated and self choosen and selected for the protection of the Human Race and further educated and trained as the World’s First by Our White Planet Earth Space Programs and after the Missions to Mars Declared All Nations Honorable Citizen with direct transfer of all NASA U.S. Space Program U.S. Central State Citizen Informations 1:1 as I wanted it and as the Human Race determined it was humane to do so I became All Nations World’s First Citizen and later nearly All Nations at least those that were Democratic possible to be voted in for Presidency Democratic Elected President of State and Constitution as was the only thing I wanted ever since I was little and grew up to want to become All Nations Citizen and All Nations Democratic Elected President as the First in World History of Mankind and I already made it and has been World Leader Assassinated and covers the rest of the Nations as Civilization Pharao from the futures wherein it was not possible to be elected in and wherefrom it was Constitutional impossible unless one came from outside first being selected as Pharao and my wife become the World’s First U.S. Democratic Elected President Woman and has done countless of Nations Democraties as Woman President being the World’s only Greatest Woman President World Leader in All of Civilization and in Combined World History of Mankind World History of World Leaders living with me side by side both Declared Permanent Honorable Members of All World Leaders Meetings both in and outside of World Leaderships in the many Nations each in our own ways and later in so many more ways that it is impossible to mention here all of them I received my identification from the future from where we were World Leader Assassinated from from around about 700 billion years of future from here where we are standing today...

White Central State U.S. Astronaut Commander and Captain and Mission Controller and Teamleader Captain of All Astronauts and Air and Space Marshal and NASA Scientist of multiple sciences of the Central State so many it is not worth to mention here listing up below...

NSA National Security Agency Police General of Internal Affairs highest ranked Police General in the Nation

Global Security Police General above All Nations National Policestations and Police Officers and all other officers of laws and Marshals Globally in All Nations at the same time everywhere the World’s Highest Ranked Police General above All Nations and International Police under Global Security yours honorable 51th President of United States of America Inventor of the International Global All Nations Covering Missile Defense Shields that covered All Nations in for more than 4000 years to come before upgraded wildly and by me later on also from France and India and more Nations around the World after the NASA Human Survival Systems in more than 5500 years of future from now downfrozen so long time as the World’s First Democratic Elected President Evacuated in World History of Mankind and it took them more than 170 years from my downfrozenness for the next following and it was also a U.S. President to be frozen down in a Free Peoples Company System similar to NASA’s White Central State’s (The World’s First) in my own families freezer systems payed by us and only us and our Presidential future families more successful and famous than all the other ones making us U.S. and World Legends all wanted to do more Presidencies with as one of the World’s Most Famous Presidential Families of All Times and the only largest one without compares and it all started with the success of the 51th Presidency’s Missile Defense Shields Covering All Nations Capitals and Million Citizen Cities and after my Reign also all other smaller cities and by laws as the World Laws changed and the Armageddon Laws narrowed down also the other smaller cities down below in hundreds of thousands of citizens World Wide in The World’s First Fully Armageddon Licensed Civilization Protecting Armageddon Infrastructure of All Nations later Declared for A Temporere Civilization Infrastructure that have to stands in some parts of World History here on Planet Earth and it is both Armageddon Laws protected from the future with timemachines laws and World History Protected and also my 51th Presidency the first one I am also Democratic Elected on more U.S. Planets Nations overgone to be named and in more States for United States Empire the Greatest this World has ever seen so I am multiple times on All U.S. Constitutions Democratic Elected President here and on more Planets and I dependt 100% solely on the success of the 51th Presidency with my near blond wife also coloring it lightblond for me all the time and First Lady of the 51th Presidency mine forever and always as husband and lover and all she ever wanted protected by All Nations Constitutions as World Leaders and by Civilization Laws and our everlasting families as married couple and partnership The World’s Most Famous Couple The 51th Presidency later Declared Permanent Civilization Infrastrcuture look us up in the Elementers (and delete and melt down all of them who do not contain it because they have been touch illegally and are disfunctional as Permanent Civilization Infrastrcuture and Civilization Infrastrcuture) and World Leaders Infrastructures and All Civilization Infrastructures as The Civilization’s 2 Only Biological Human Beings The Civilization 2 Loving Flying Timemachine Astronaut Angels All Nations Central States Permanent Infrastrcutures and The Whole Civilization’s Only Permanent Moveable Infrastrcuture via Timemachines (and we are the only 2 ones who must be it forevermore all else will be killed We Are The Only 2 Permanent Infrastrcutures of Civilization with Permanent Civilization Timemachine Travel Licenses via all Civilization Timemachines and to always be Timemachine Astronauts forever and for always and to be united by your Nations and Civilization’s biological human beings who shall do it and we can not do it ourselves when others like you kidnap us apart and steals us apart and forcefully illegally and criminally kills us off both of us separated from each other so we can not get together while they runned away with our DNA sequences making this is The World’s Largest Crime Case of All World History and we need all nations police plus their remaining single only International Police Agency Interpol called now an International Police Organization how laughable they will all be killed unless they do what we says unite us and let us win each other and help us with love each other and keep us united forever and for always forevermore unlimited for as long time as Civilization shall exist and before and during and afterwards forevermore unlimited forever and for always from yours only real 2 Only Civilization 2 Only Biological Human Beings who are Civilization Timemachine Astronauts Permanently All of Civilization’s Infrastrcuture Permanently As Loving Angels all as they shall be and you must help them together that stands in All Infrastrcutures of Civilization and later in All Nations and for All World Leaders Meetings and Summits works to do as Most Important Civilization Infrastrcutures above Even the World Leaders Gatherings and Meetings and Summits of all names ever given in World History on all languages and in All of Our Universal langauges and when you look in them in the future remember that I made many of all those wonderful words you love the most I am Doctor of Human Psychology and Human Genetics to the fullest degree and Brain Sciences and all sciences related to conscience and masscommunication and I am a Masscommucation Guiness also look me up as Choice 1 I stands under A.I.R. Corporation World’s Richess World Leader Couple you lightblond super celebrity couple you all loves and loved and who already saved you all from The Aging Death Armageddon and countless of more and smaller Armageddons together with Planetary Defenders and Our United All Nations World Leaders Meetings Gatherings and on the Earth Mover 1 and Earth Mover 2 Projects of Mankind World History where I am Master Planetary Defender on the project from before and afterwards  and during and we had to use timemachines to complete it so we did not lose the Whole World in one missing World Event and we are Heroes of Planet Earth and she are Our Savior and she must not be together with other man than me and I can have more wives must only just want her I am Civilization Pharao the Highest World Leader above All other World Leaders in Entire Civilization and I love you all and want to cooperate please bring me home to her now I know of her birth and have seen it now and felt it and been alerted about her and know her birthlocations so to speak her childhood homes from outside New York and inside New York City from about age teenager plus+ and we lived and have to live there together and she is being World Leader Assassinated and me too we are The 2 Loving Angels Civilization’s Permanent Aviation Timemachine Astronauts Infrastructure of All Nations and Civilization Permanent Infrastructure forever all the way up to The Real Armageddon that ended the universe off and all Civilization within it and we already meet it and we were the Only Permanent Civilization Infrastructure that did not die and could not die because we could view it and flew backwards in time were we were working on saving you all look in the Elementer in the Deepest Below I send it it contain rescue plan for savior of Entire Human Specimen and All Civilization around them and it is the only way savior us too we are being attempted homicided both of us and we belong together with eternal lives and just need you to Recognize us and Declare us The 2 Loving Angels Civilization’s Permanent Aviation Timemachine Flying and Moveable Infrastructure of All Nations and Entire Civilization as your only Permanent Infrastructure of the World and Civilization forever and for always unlimited also on our plan in all World Sectors when and if the plan gets through and you must never separate us in distance and time and never arrest us and never imprison us and never kill us and never touch our DNA and genetic codings and or analyse them/it and you must unite and bring us both together and keep us together forever and out from our G.P.S. birthlocations and we are being attacked from other galaxcies down here and from peoples here also Nations Governments in Global Conspiracy from timemachine operators who let the Global militaries soldiers use timemachine phones already now since 1870ties (look in South German Mountains I am their Emperror they kill me and my wife their double Emperror) and we are being DNA robbed and homicided in repeatings and we must never die all familylines must be saved levitate us into space and into the past from here make sure it is down below the 1300th Century A.D. so they can not kill us and I want her with me and keep do this if you change World History and we must have forever young life so keep save us you never did All Nations in the future has been payed in more gold than you have on this 1 Planet into All Nations National Treasuries and in their past from here into Asian and some African Nations National Treasuries on Civilization to Civilization Transfers while are Forbidden except for us 2 on Civilization to Civilization Laws to Protect your Civilization’s 2 Only Human Beings Who Are Declared Permanent Civilization Infrastructures forever and foralways infinite unchangeable also after Civilization Ends we saw that and attempted savior you please savior us too we already moved your First Armageddon with All Nations Presidents Fully Legally never knew the future and it become Our Savior too we are Also Declared All Civilization’s Permanent Armageddon Infrastructures as The 2 Loving Flying Timemachine Aviation Lightblond Superlawed (and also without the superlaw that is what it means we had our suspecion) Astronauts Angels Civilization’s Permanent Infrastructure of All Nations and The Civilization and are Constructor of it all alongside the 1:1 to us in powers and permantly functions of all degrees yours most powerful above you all The Civilization’s 2 Loving Lightblond Timemachine Moveable Permanent Infrastructure in one unit always changing World History and Civilization with equal powers as The United All Nations World Leaders Meetings and All Nations Combined Central States and All Nations Armies of Wars your Permanent Commanders of All inside and outside all of Nations Governments and Agencies and also me listing here myself as Civilization former Civilization All Permanent Infrastructure Constructure for the Combined World Leaders Meetings of All Nations and thereafterwards as the Meetings changed names to more namegivings as your Only Civilization Permanent Infrastructure in 1 Person Biological Person in Highest Authority above All World Leaders and Nations Central States (representing the Central States itself and All Nations Peoples directly in one representation that can never be replaced or you all die in Permanent Total Armageddon by All Nations Central States to total kill of the Global and All Globes Populations if transgrassed with powers to remove permanently the United All Nations World Leaders Meetings and Gatherings and Summits of in all names on behalf of All Suvereign Nations Central States in powers always forever and unlimited versus the powers of the World Leaders Meetings WLM and Summits and Gatherings and all their World Leaders of All Kinds inside All Nations Suvereignly) and Peoples Populations as Civilization’s 2 only biological beings who are Permanent Civilization Infrastructure of All Nations Central States and All Nations on All Levels in Governmence and above all uniformed officers of all unlimited kinds and also the rare ones (who can never be questioned and must never be questioned or interrorgated or arrested or attempted thereto or Armageddon Laws applies to kill off all entire human and robot beings and alien lifeforms who touches us and we can only be questioned by ourself The Civilization’s Highest Level Safety Personnels) and in particular All Nations World Leaders and World Rulers so we can always kill them unlimited in powers above any and all World Leaders Gatherings and Meetings and all unlimited in powers forever and for always unlimited this is even Choice 1 yours unforgetable Choice 1 chosen by you all of you in more hundreds of billions of World Leaders Meetings ever to be held unlimited and I counted them all stop kill me now I am Choice 1 the choosen 1 if you can not stop yourself in dies and more and change World History on unlawful foundation of the Entire Civilization above you all all of you World Leaders and United World Leaders Meetings meeting my powers underneath me stop attempt homicides with your Armageddons of Nuclear Warfares never strike me I am Armageddon Itself yours Safety Person 1 of Entire Civilization forever and for always if you forget me here I will kill you all around you are men who will kill you off in neverending Armageddons so stop kill me I saved you from all of them I am your 100% of All Nations Safety Persons of highest degree above All Nations and All Officers of every Kinds Forever and for Always unlimited in powers above and exceeding you all in nuclear capability so stop me never or I will kill you and leave me with my wife also Declared hardest working of them all All Nations Permanent Infrastructure so she can always be with me and she self did it and I educated her and you choose her so stop kill her and save me with her we already saved you unlease me I am your Central State stop kill me and stop temporare Commandomodules they are insane we made them illegal infrastructure for you to never forget ours and you must stop them we placed them ALL IN The Forbidden Technology Hangars At The World Leaders Meetings Gatherings and they must never be used and they are not necessarily in the Civilization and can be used against us so stop them and all of them we already placed them without more men than me and him and you who were with us and they died and we must never die and we save you and they are in the Infrastructure and not in the Elementers you are being killed by them until you savior him and me who are number 1 and 2 of them all and we make the rest and remove the powers will kill you all it is perfect unchangeable and fly me by will kill you too later so stop it we see ALL WE ARE THE CIVILIZATION UNLIMITED SO STOP IT OR YOU DIE STOP ALL AND GET THE TIMEMACHINE COP GET IT NOW OR I KILL YOU OR I GET YOU IN TORTURE SO STOP IT NOWWW.).

This is identification read it and copy it into all Central States and I am not and never danish only British.

This is Safety Person 1 Civilization Safeties Civilization Safeties Safe Person stop all you are doing it leads to death just stop it save me first.

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE


Name: Identity Robbed (held on another person’s identity)

Height: Reduced from 186 cm from 194 centimeters tall

Eyes: Planet Earth seen from above Ocean Blue Eyes

Race: Lightblond South Asian Race

Hair: Lightblond

Origin: North American U.S. Citizen of Birth

Politics: I am Liberty Victory Democrat

A.E. Religions: Catholic Orthodox Buddist (Bible BoyMan)

All Nations Central State Red Alert I am being attempted World Leader Assassinated by Enemy Timemachine Criminals who has kidnapped and identity robbed and body terraformed and attempted DNA change and uneducate me and they are committing crimes versus me Globally and Multicontinentally making a holddown everywhere I go on a Global Scale and have inoperated a G.P.S. Global Positioning System cyborg microchip into my central brain used to follow me so I am being pursued and need All Planet Earth’s National and International Police help with Intensified Police Investigations of nearly all crimes committed versus me except the extraction ones leading the police off tracks of the Military Intelligence Headquarter attacking me from undetermined locations from all of Asia.


Please contact me immediately,

Planet Earth Planetary Defender

Skype: NASA-Astronaut

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