During the 1990ties were our household visited when I was all alone home by a Russian Military General who explained to me who he were and where he came from. I was outside on the roads playing around with some street toys when there suddenly came a stranger man out from our private property and went over to me. The man introduced himself to me as a Russian Military General and told me he were here to view the family’s living conditions and inspect the household facility on his own and try understand what is going on. He went on with explaining that he worked in a Soviet Union Secret Military Chemical Research Base Facility and that he now works there as Russian Military General and that he wanted to know under which living conditions I were being held on home facility location Ko-Alle 1, 4891 Toreby L. in Denmark. He continued explaining me that organized criminals frequently come over the borders from down south with illegal military drugs from their Secret Military Base Research Facility and come them in our household’s foods to change my visual appearance. He honestly convinced me that they were coming illegal drugs in my foods secretly, and saw that I for instance had some larger wounds on my one arm that had become scratched and explained me that they would heal and reveal partly the truths to the future police scientists that would be capable of understanding it when I were to explain them that those wounds happened in a period of time when I were drugged by skin changing drugs that damages my skin’s pigmentation on normal skin and inside cells and that police scientists would could evident it by I should tell them where those wounds were on my arm and then tell them what he told me, then they would be capable of by example Germany’s Police Scientist to discover that they had come those drugs in me from their Russian Military Chemical Base Facility’s within the last couple of weeks and months time from over the border down south he explained me. He explained me to tell the Danish Police in Copenhagen that they should let the way better German Police Scientists view my arm and skin and that I should tell them from the leader in charge of a Secret Russian Military Chemical Base Facility who invents and produces the drugs, that those drugs they had placed in my foods were going to damage the pigmentation in my skin and cause it to become more whiter and generate less and less dark pigmentation and that only skilled skin scientists who knows that to look for would could detect and acknowledge the facts and understand what have happened, and that it was therefore very very important that I remembered to tell it right to them, and that they had to use advanced skin microscopes to view the differences between the two areas on my skin he pointed out, the one with the large wound area and the one with the remaining skin, and see closely on the pigmentation and skin cells, in them can be seen that real Soviet Union Secret Military Research Facility Bases drugs has been used in me to change my skin color and other visual appearances to the common human eyes. I was given a lengthy guidance on how to talk with police and police scientists to convince them about the Russian Military Drugs that was come into my foods throughout my childhood and teenage years. Then he went more serious to gain my full attention and trust and told me a lot of cool evidences I had to remember to use to tell the Danish and German Police Authorities to potentially get myself out of troubles and by doing so explain them all I have been learnt it by the Russian Military Research Facility Base General to convince the police about his existence (would help me he explained me), he also told me that the police can not touch him for real because of rules because he is a Russian Military General of a Secret Russian Military Base Facility deep into Russia who do no wrong on their part. He concluded very seriously that if I would get in troubles later with the mercenaries the Soviet Union had used in the past from Germany and Denmark where I to go to Copenhagen Rigspoliti and explain them that those men and women has been given fake identities and citizenships to West Germany and Denmark illegally to could keep follow me and come drugs in me from orders given by the former Soviet Union and that those organized criminals/families are very dangerous towards me and that I should as soon as possible get real police protection by strictly only Copenhagen Police Authorities and explain them to protect me and my interests in life. The Russian Military General explained me that it was not them and the Russian Military and Government that would try to prevent me in move away from here and get married but it was the danish and german mercenaries that often when assigned such missions has tendencies to enslave their victims afterwards and hold them captured and down in poverty in society, and that I should be very afraid for my freedom (not my life). He told me they would rarely kill one like me they had been following since childhood. He told me they would attempt to get rid of me into prisons and as necessary illegal prisons to get rid of me because they fear revenge by the police if they can find me and will come for themselves to revenge their actions. He explained me that if the danish and german mercenaries that was placed here around me in the countryside and following me / the family would not let me get away from here and if I later see this then I should go strictly only to Copenhagen Police Authorities and explain them what are going on because those guys will get their own children into the local police departments to could control me, and I was instructed wisely on what to explain to Copenhagen Police Authorities to convince them about the cruel crimes versus me here and how those other families are holding our family down economically in poverty while they place themselves in the police departments and are prepared to kill us and get rid of us into prisons and mental hospitals to cover up their own tracks of crimes. I was explained literally everything that was later going to happen! How those danish and german mercenaries were going to get rid of me into government prison facilities to prevent me in could get help from the police and be entrusted by the police versus them. Besides warning me about setup crimes to hold me down in society to prevent me move away from themselves where they have settled down around me did the General impress me with being able to could speak more than 11 languages and convincingly prove it to me and that he learnt those things as part of his job on different levels of career. He told me a few more things and told me he were going to report this he had seen in his Base Facility Records in Russia, then he left me!




Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 194 cm tall

Eye: Deep Blue Eyes

Hair: Light Blonde

Type: Blonde Race

U.S. Citizen

Politics: Victory Democrat plus Victory Liberty Man

Religions: Catholic Orthodox (Bible Man)

911 Red Alert require help immediately come get me help from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP!

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Skype: NASA-Astronaut

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

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