Name: Identity Robbed held on another person’s identity

Height: 186 cm from 194 centimeters tall

Eyes: Planet Earth Ocean Blue Eyes

Race: Lightblond South Asian Race

Hair: Light Blond

Origin: North American U.S. Citizen of Birth

Politics: I am Victory Liberty Democrat

AE Religions: Catholic Orthodox Buddist (Bible Man)

All Nations Central State Red Alert I am being attempted World Leader Assassinated by Enemy Timemachine Criminals committing crimes only on a Global Scale and multicontinentally versus me all day long every day of my life since nearly born as already Democratic Elected President of the Empire of Planet Earth United States of America as their 51th World’s Most Famous Founding Father of All World Historical Presidents all nuclear capable in case the World Laws falled and I need at all moments All Nations Police of any kinds freedom protections with intensified police investigations of nearly all and every crime committed versus me except the extractions so called distortions setup by so called World Historical Conspirators now in World Historical Time...


Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE



Our World History consist of about 35% of The World’s Nations being lightblond raced population groups with up to about 65% of the Nations being blackhaired populations populated and with mixed raced Nations having both Superraces in them mixed in population groups to more or fewer extends. Mankind Consist of 2 Main Superraces a Lightblond Science Superrace and a Blackhaired Superrace with many different blackhaired races in them.

We are many Superraces here.

Ours being the biggest the lightblond with the other top blackhaired races herefrom being most in population groups cover with their haircolor having many blackhaired top races which are equally as advanced as each other covering 70% of Our Civilization and thereabout and with both about 45% of Nations blackhaired populated and the rest mix raced like U.S.A. and France and North African Nations living alongside with lightblond’s superrace (Our Civilization’s Science Superrace which has nearly 99% of Our combined science DNA sequences in measurement out of entire human population groups for in hundreds of billions of years to come) living in all Skyscrapers together and marrying still black and blond without wars, the wars comes always from the blackhaired nations and it is in their DNA to make more rage wars and racial attacks are just wrong and criminal and it was not supposed to be a topic.

Now kindly read on,

Both races their many and ours many and their top races reached their top DNA sequence about the same time in World History in now pre World History and ours have DNA science buildin and theirs has 0 but can be learnt and are 1:1 and just don’t care but 0.001% has science DNA and may have married lightblonds in Pre World History as your Supermedium childrens possibly can tell about it for their part in the DNA sequences are such possibilities, so what dose it really mean, it means we are 1:1 same race and equal 1 Mankind and Womankind in all 1 persons both man and woman in DNA sequences and 1 Race of Man and Woman and the the science DNA activates care for creation things and can lead to hatred in wars and peace towards their beings and nations and race for being both the beautiful in the sunlight only that shining on LED screens and National Democratic Votes so the lightblonds men had in Democratic Nations more powers than in Monarch Nations and about 60% plus Mandatory powers at their Nations World Leaders Meetings 35% blond nations plus mix nations of both races and super celebrity families in the others making World Statistics such so different because all like to hear the beautiful voices of men who are not agressive and intelligent moreso than non scientific on all topics from inventions to patents and they traded in World History and blonds just give theirs because they are kind and the economies wave between all nations and we are one peoples in many nations all from Planet Earth until race wars continues between blackhaired who has more agression in them in wars and are killing themselves this race war versus blackhaired and blackhaired races and nations leads to the so defined race wars between blackhaired nations races and in them are men who are strong world leaders and they kill each others in race wars in the end backwardsgoing to win the lost wars of 1000 of monarchies in generation between kings and presidents in their representations with Warlords flying backwards on blonds patents in science who are very strong in both laws and sciences and kills and in this process do the Warlords also for whatever reason target the lightblonds maybe because they were there and defending the blackhaired men and woman they are that of nature that they are not in war unless in defense often of another person socially or politically and not the same race sequence in manners of agression principles where rage leads to consultation and deals that last times out and not those strikes but equal in wars and wars are evil and blonds had been in them and in particular in the mix races nations and those nations could have caused the blackhaired warlords to kill them 100% off to self be the World Leaders at the World Leaders Gatherings in powerscrapes and win more and more wars for their nations and familieslines and that is the end story to that World Chaptor and then the Superlaws of Civilization and Superlaws above the Civilization of lightblonds protection emerge instead of make a so called Alpha Omega Total Savior Resetting World History Back to Normal and it was democratic voted down and annihilation begun to delete all the blackhaired races from the remaining races who refuse to save them and they forcefully acceptted the Superlaws or annihilation of their races too as they were seen and spotted out and revealed from World Historical Cameras similar to yours recording World History and the blonds had them them selves and was more scientific and non represented and already extincted from the future when the Superlaws was made in the past. And the World History enrolled again and Alpha Omega are intended for uses of more World History Armageddons and are now on Laws and must be carried through on Our Civilization Laws the blackhaired setup to protect and defend themselves and we always dies in the Armageddon at End of Times and could need the Lightblond Mankind Science Race back but have to do it with Reset World History Back to Normal as it was before Armageddon Attack Happened and World History Armageddon was reached we had already lived 700 billion years of future beyond and then I was attacked and All Mankind and I get the warning from the background of the Universe streaming through the Background of the Universe to me to guide me together with my blondwife and evacuate her we are Superlawed Lightblonds Permanent Honorable Members both of us of the United All Nations World Leaders Meetings who must never be removed who has as highest honor accomplished to become Permanent Infrastructure of the Civilization of Blackhaired Mankind Population for loving our peoples and citizens so much and create in thousands of Nations on our own for them and must no longer be removed like that for any given causes of the blackhaired and lightblonds nations fighting no matter in which World History we stands and others too many peoples lives depends on us and not just our static actions if disturbed but our wealth and economies as The Civilization Biggest Industrialist from AIR Corporation yours all 15 Inner Galaxcies Largest Massproducer of Spacecrafts for Central State Nations and Governments and All Planets here plus their businesses and Corporations and Free Peoples Companies in so big numbers that we are number 1 never reachable by any manufactures and our money goes to Planetary Terraformings of Earthlike Planets in all directions before your Nations Move in and setted out and we also build some of them on them for your Nations and when we can afford it once in a while after like 10 to 25 plus Nations build for your Empires and Nations on your budgets then we collected the money as Master Engineers I am the Biggest this World has ever seen Choice 1 and I am helped by all peoples since 400 billion years of lifetime since 1980s 1981s when born or calculated from year +1 A.E. After Earthtimeline Beginning when I was chosen for All World History and all know me your former All Planetary Global Celebrity the last lightblond King and Emperror and President in representation for the now Superlawed Lightblonds populations never recovering and holding out for them to return some day and she is the most famous Woman in Combined World History of Mankind yours shining lightblond World Leader Woman from all of your Nations Chaptors of World History and all of their wars known as a fine humanist and good friend of all children and men and women families who goes and freely are on all streets unlike your World Leaders never being killed because I am so fame and World Leaders Meetings well known Planet Earth lightblond Planetary Defender and All Civilizations Timemachine Police Master Educator who cast prosperity and life to all as I goes by the days and makes laws with the blackhaired Superrace to rewrite our Timemachinelaws into Our Civilization for All Mankind creator cocreator of the Galaxtical Superlawed Timemachine World Court Levitating in Empty Space non reachable by any Nations Military consisting of all legal timemachines I and we gave them from the World Leaders Meetings Hangars of All Combined World History Inventions into Timemachines both forbidden ones and legal ones and those not yet invented finish as we had everything we ever needed we through until the Armageddon reached us in the distants of futures where we all dies unlimited and can not survive as nature breaks apart in physics laws and we can not exist anymore without spacecrafts flying in all directions with us in them and our beautiful nature Planets ruined and destroyed not by wars and by enemies of All Mankind such as Alien Attacks but by nature itself that stops functions 100% so we all dies out and I mean all life unlimited in all directions in space and no more sunlights and lightblonds children of the suns already died out in advance in the race wars not reachable the Armageddon to help stop it and we could not create more sun solar system formations with fruitful planets to spin around them so all are extincted and we must therefore work together and find ways to survive the Armageddon without becoming noless human beings and never turn into robots and I am working on a Wonderful Plan to cause savior of all population groups throughout our giant universe in all galaxies reaches unlimited in all directions as times goes by so non can ever again die in the At End of Times of Our Civilization World History as all they were saying to me were that it felt like yesterday and when dying felt like if it had never been worth to live if ever die and they wanted to had lived forever and it had not been enough life as all days feels like one another and as if it was yesterday and had not been enough time and it is a whole combination of things we need to change before time in the Civilization to always make it and survive the Armageddon all together so nobody is left behind not just 1 child or 1 man or 1 innocent victim anywhere who did not make it for whatever reasons and we have calculated the End of Times Results so that we can not avoid making it again this time if End of Times of Civilization Armageddon Infrastructure are build here on Planet Earth before we leave it at lastest datas are the best I can do or we can not save all of them all all together in 100% of all galaxaies populations as I must have a checkpoint here under Choice 1 Laws from End of Times of Civilization when All World Leaders first had died and I was the last one left to see it and all was seen death 100% and I could not save them all on the other side of the Armageddon it has to be done from down here beforehand and Choice 1’s License became ACTIVATED when all the World Leaders died and nobody could survive it and The 2 Flying Angels Permanent Civilization Infrastructure begun start save everybody’s lives with Advanced and more Advanced End of Times of Civilization Permanent Armageddon Infrastructure to cause savior of the Civilization which are our obligation with everybody in it and mine as Choice 1 are just to save everybody plus support the World Leaders Meetings in survive the Armageddon and has similar works to do and must be done in right time in Civilization World Historical Times before points of no return in Time of Civilization World History such as here on Planet Earth that before I leave it hence Solar System 1 with Earth Mover 1 and Earth Mover 2 and therebeforehand before we seattle out on Planet B the next following one with our Earth Laws must we in time therebeforehand have upgraded the Laws for Armageddon and Established End of Time of Civilization Infrastructure of Armageddon Infrastrcuture to cause the neccessary stability to could survive all the way up and beyond the End of Time of Civilization Armageddon Red Line of Time where nobody has to pass it or they will die in torment of black coldness in empty levitating space of absolute death with no possibility of return ever again and we have to from there fly from the Last Point of The Blue Line of Planets like Earth’s life point in time to the start and beginning of it at start of time but outwards into more space areas and cause absolute stability in the thereinbetween time downthrough Civilization World History Time and wtihout disturb our own past survive the Armageddon ONCE FOR ALL and repeat that at all ends of the so called Planet Formation from start to end Blue Line in World Historical Time that starts from herebeforehand before creation of Planet Earth and this Solar System which is not at the earliest of beginnings of this so called Blue Line of Life for ocean blue Planets like Earth so called Earthlike Planets for life and Civilization of all races of beings also Aliens of different kinds which are just other beings of other advanced Civilizations and those we can trade with and learn to know maybe more from in sciences and understand how to survive with and make it past the End of Times of The Blue Line of Life before the Red Line of Armageddon Sets In down past the previous World History but outwards without disturb our own past lifeline as a Whole Civilization before in all World History of it and also for the so called Aliens Civilizations which can only be saved by ours because they are not of same advancement level in sciences of manufacturing but can be saved by us all if we can also save ourselves and I have greater savior plans for all races starting with the Human Race and there with it also the Aliens Races 100% of all of them going in each our directions of Spacetime outwardgoing in peace and prosperity without eachothers anymore times except on visits which will always be possible as spacetravels are possible to make across distances of greater distances than our spanning Civilization within the Blue Life Line of life and creation before the Red Line of Armageddon Sets In and we can only make it since we all died 100% except me and my blond wife 2 The 2 Flying Angels of Civilization Permanent Armageddon Infrastrcuture the only 2 ones this Civilization has ever had because the laws are prohibiting anybody else except Choice 1 in fly backwards in time and change the laws if ever neccessary are it and it all begings now to savior of All Mankind this is Choice 1 I am first born now in World History Time in 1980 and 1981 and my birth might have been recated so nobody can just easily kill me off by World Leader Assassinations of me as the other World Leaders can be World Leader Assassinated and my life must never be killed and the Race of Mankind are commmited to save me without clone me it was my only wish as to be Choice 1 that I get natural birth always here on Planet Earth also in case of World Historical Armageddons in which I found myself in here now when I was born where are my 7 watches Clock Systems and what have you all done towards them? They were in all cities of Ancient Europe and in the Middleages all over the Planet in China and North Africa and West Asia inside your nowdays european nations all clock systems in the center of all european cities had a City Watch with 7 Hours per day or so called 49 hours per day divided into 7 hours timeperiods clocksystems which I always had on over at Pentagon in United States of America when growing up as a young child and I self choose my Clock Systems out from all possibles ones in the Clock Shops as child and choose naturally the 7 Clock System which were most mainsteam and the ones the Governments was running in All Nations World Wide also in your Middle East of Central Asia and All Nations Central State Clock Systems and it stood in your White Book of Mankind Bible placed in All Nations Central States therein your Clock System came from where it stood explained that all days consists of 7 hours and there are 7 days per week and 7 weeks per months period time and always 7 months to a whole year and with 7 years per decade and 7 decades to each hundreds of years and 7 hundreds of years per Millennium and so forth up to each doubler unit leading to a new symbol of time in measurement and those missing in the higher end we The Civilization self made in this future right now in the 1800th and 1900th and 2000th Century A.E. as it was called right some repeating Worlds ago and now it was changed to a new Timeline with A.D. all the sudden making it weirdly the 21th Century A.D. and I am still World Leader Assassinated attacked from beyond 700 billion years of future lifetime with my wonderful Superlawed Lightblond Wife who must likewise not and never die she is alls loved one yours your Global Celebrities from All of Our Hollywood Movies over at California your most Celebrity of them all your only Permanent Global Celebrity Couple always there with you Hollywood Movie Actors and I am your First Man on Mars on another Planet from Planet Earth sendt to there and I already landed also in the Pre Centuries before the Middle Ages on Mars Surface with my Planetary Defender friends removing Planetary Space Downfalls from destroyed penetrating timemachine robots which had been shoot down a long time ago by our Planetary Defenses where a metal piece had fall down on Mars and I was already in advance the First Man on Mars Surface for NASA Space Program representing All Mankind and are Super Global Celebrity with my Astronaut Wife also in the future where she too represent our White Planet Earth Space Programs after having been saved by them via Downfreezings inside NASA Human Survival Freezer Systems and she through similar ownbuild Free Peoples Companies Freezer Systems with all of our configurations from NASA’s White Central State Scientitsts on them for Human Survival of them all which became known as the First Removal of an Armageddon the so called Aging Death Armageddon and she and me are both listed under and as Permanent Members of the World Leaders Meetings taking place only here on Planet Earth all the time each half years period with a 3.5 months separation each few months time and some times more often as it is required and I am working there as Permanent Infrastructure too in and out of World Leader Elections in the Democratic Nations Democraties with my friends as Civilization Safety Person 1 yours The Civilization’s only Lightblond Superlawed Safety Person 1 and 2 all the others are Blackhaired Safety Persons 1’s and I was the only Lightblond Superlawed one who must never be removed from the United World Leaders Meetings Summits and Gatherings here on Planet Earth starting short time right before me in the 1970ties and I am born in the earliest of the 1980ties and are the Legendary First 51th Original President of United States of America the First Man on Mars yours NASA’s only lightblond Commander White NASA Astronaut Captain and Teamleader on all of the First Missions outward going from Earth to Mars to the First Other Planet in Our Solar System and it was the top of the pop in Our Millennium and I was downfrozen right afterwards as White NASA Astronaut in White Uniform send on the World’s First Legal Timemachine Mission and it went well and successfully and I never had to fly back the World Leaders took care of it all and I became their First Legal Timemachine Astronaut of All Nations Presidents and therenext The Entire World Leaders Meetings as your World’s Lightblond World Leaders Express Lifeguard and Lifesavior Captain onboard the Civilization’s First Legal Timemachine Avation Human Transporter Express flying back and forth in time all the time for Our Civilization and I am working and has to work there now as Civilization Safety Person 1 the setting Safety Person of All Civilization Uniforms for the World Leaders and together with them while they maintain and create The Civilization do I manage All Nations Uniforms and All Nations Uniformed Officers of All Kinds also The Civilization’s World Leaders Own Uniformed Officers your so called Safety Officers I self created in my name Declared the Most Safe Person in World History handselected from The World Leaders of All nations both Kings and Princesses and Princesses and Emperrors and the free Democratic Nations Presidents and other World Leaders of All Kinds and in my name and out from my advising as Honorable Member of the Race of Mankind for Invention early on of A.I. Artificial Intelligence up to 40 years 4 decades before the rest of the Industries out from my biproject with NASA Central State White Scientists (I only work in the Central States of All Nations and are Global Marshal also in the future who gave name to him? Who was Marshal?) creating The World’s First A.I. Company called also in World History A.I.R. or later A.I.R. Corporation as found out from your Nations Universal Languages Dictionaries meaning Artificial Intelligence Robotic and I was the only survivor of the Industrial Corporation out from NASA Human Survival Systems after my First Flights to Mars Surface which was first visited by me before I was Democratic Elected as President right thereafterwards of United States of America the Greatest Empire on Earth that our Planet Earth has ever had and it was never compromised in powers until at end of times this is your Civilization’s Safety Person 1 yours future Choice 1 choosen first by All Nations World Leaders at their World Leaders Meetings for loyal safe service from start to end of times in their times of World Leaderships together with themselves Managing Civilization from Above The Civilization above All Nations together with the World Leaders of All Kinds from here on Planet Earth and I am settings officer of All and Every Armageddon Laws in Our Civilization from start to end of times and has to always do it and do so as it was done exactly in the same way and I must not be assassinated by Enemies of All Mankind evenso a World Leader can be it I am Civilization’s Highest above the Highest of All Levels of Safety Persons above All Officers of All Kinds unlimited for as long time as the Civilization shall exist and I manage all of them all generals uniforms and edcuations for All Nations and I was All Nations Citizen Right On after my First Missions to Mars herefrom Planet Earth and are in reality National Neutral yours the World’s Civilization’s Earliest of the kind The Civilization’s Safety Person 1 there in Millenniums before the rest and in my name are written Hero of All Mankind who must never be killed and also not my similars whenever they occur in Our Civilization and in my name and a few others are all Heroes of All Mankind written into we are your Original only Heroes of All Mankind and we were saving you all as a few individuals a long side ago and we must never be killed by anyone of you or nature itself and your jobs are to save me I am both on the one hands side Civilization Safety Person 1 of your Civilization me being the only Lightblond Superlawed one of them all and The World Leaders Meetings Forbidden Hangars of Technology Gatekeeper 1 and I self made his uniform and on the other hand yours Choice 1 you have already choosen from the future and the past of here and very few from here made it as the Aging Deaths set in and we were some from here who were frozen down inside NASA Headquarters I being the Original One yours your Original Hero of All Mankind who must never die of any causes or reasons whatsoever and not to be hold in a timemachine capture by Enemies of All Mankind from the Industries and Peoples Populations (unhand me and release me from here I am Permanent Planet Earth Civilization Infrastructure and must never be removed from this Planet or die down here or in Space and must always be saved home) I am happy to announce my arrival now from birth in the 1980ties this is Choice 1 please do not kill me in your World History Armageddon between battling enemies of many Nations who World Leader Assassinate their World Leaders to self take their positions please unhand me this is Choice 1 I have build more Civilization in the futures than you all think please release me from timemachine capture I am not possible to contain living here I want to never die and never be in these centuries and always make it through the NASA freeeze systems to get forever young lives with my bride and wife we were already married more than 700 billion years of lifetimes please unlease me and release me and her from here and let us get free passage through All Nations Policestations through NASA Headquarters NASA Freezer Systems for evacuation we are also the Original 51th Presidency Successful Couple yours the 51th President and First Lady of the 51th Presidency of United States as it is called in the futures your World Leaders please do not harm me I need to be with her and we need to be in the futures under all circumstances I am Choice 1 the chosen 1 and yours also Permanent Civilization Infrastructure as Civilization Safety Person 1 At The World Leaders Meetings Summits here on Planet Earth and Choice 1 who are already elected by all peoples families and must never be found like this in World Leader Assassination and be attemted removed from World HHistory I am All Peoples Protector and All Nations Protector and All World Leaders Protector and I love life and freedom itself please release me and unhand me Global Conspiracy versus me I am Choice 1 yours Civilization Most Favorite of All Combined World History choosen beloved World Leader and Citizen who must never be killed by any human beings in Our Civilization and or Outside it and you must all defend me and safeguard me from any harms and antifreedom environments and also my beloved Lightblond never to be killed also not by aging deaths Superlawed Wife evenso she is another haircolor than mine and more blond than lightblond and can be called blond and halfblond but she is Superlawed accepted under the Lightblonds Race’s Superlaws setup and made by your alls’s Blackhaired Races who must no longer kill us and any similars who are Lightblond and under protection of the Civilization Superlaws please read all herein at least through and think about it wisely 7 times and understand what the Civilization Superlaws are counting for Lightblonds who must never be killed or married into blackhaired or other haircolor families here on Planet Earth and in The Civilization in all reaches of Civilization in All Galaxies forevermore please let me get home to be lightblond blond halfblond wife from New York living in New York City always she is my only wife for more than 700 billion years of time to come and I love her unlimited much please let us go together she can not sustain life without me she is my Superlawed Wife who I have responsibility for never dies and I safeguard All World Leaders from At The World Leaders Meetings Locations Infrastrcutures where I live Permanently and she lives over at in New York City always when I am there and always lives there please let us get back home to each other All World Leaders know who I am I am their Own Lightblond World’s First Timemachine Astronaut World Leaders Express Aviation Human Transport Timemachine Express from At The World Leaders Meetings Airline Platforms Lifeguard 1 Lifesavior 1 World Leaders Express Captain and theirs their own personal handselected lightblond Planetary Defender for Protection of World History I am later also choosen as Choice 1 please release me let me go I am not a World Leader and must not be killed evenso I have been World Leader in many many Nations during my 700 billion year lifespan choosen and selected many times in Egypt as President and Pharao called the Flying Lightblond Pharao of Egypt yours Civilization also Safety Person 1 and 2 their only Superlawed Lightblond Civilization Safety Person above them all please do not kill me I am Permanent Armageddon Officer Protector of All Civilization here on Planet Earth who must never be removed out of World History please savior me first then I will attempt save all of you from At The World Leaders Meetings Summits Gatherings from All Nations World Leaders Hands trust me I am as good as days are long and as shining lightblond as the daylights suns rays always every day and loves all peoples and All Races and All Nations and All World Leaders please encount on me and let me setup the Armageddon Laws it is my work in this Civilization and not the World Leaders and not the Nations and never the militaries officers I will kill all of you who touches the Armageddon Laws from the militaries officers uniforms and preeducations it can only be done by me I am the Mankind’s Finest and Best DNA Genetics of them All from All Populations and Uniforms Ranks the Highet above the Highest of All Nations and The Entire Civilization’s Safety Levels yours Honorable Civilization Safety Person 1 and 2 and I have actually all numbers but are Permanently number 1 for Safety’s Sake all World Leaders World History Protections Preservation Commandomodules and Infrastructures found here on Planet Earth in all futures are setup by me Civilization Safety Person 1 and you can never replace me or you will all be killed in neverending Armageddons of World History immediately release me now and let me go and united me with the Nations World Leaders At Their United World Leaders Meeting Each and Every Single Year and entitle me as yours Civilization Safety Person 1 I have to identify as Civilization World Leaders Meetings Forbidden Technology Hangars Gatekeeper 1 but I am known wide and outspread for being a truthspeaker who always speaks the truths in advance so now I have told you it all please review this and identify me as The World Leaders and All Nations therebeforehand as All Nations Central State White Marshal and nearly all other Central State and many Nations Uniforms more than can be found on any other uniformed officers so it is impossible to list them up on identification upon World History Armageddon Attack I am yours Civilization Safety Person 1 and World Leader Assassinated 51th President Couple of United States of America and later in World History Choice 1 also the World’s Greatest Engineer at All World History Chaptors A.I.R. Corporation Manufacture the World’s Creator of Artificial Intelligence and for thereby so by doing become already Honorable Member of All Mankind World Leaders Meetings as Permanent Honorale Member of All World Leaders Meetings Summits endlessly without neccessary having to World Leader of any given Nations at any points in World Time and I must never be removed from the World Leaders Meetings Gatherings please let me back inside this is Choice 1 yours most favorite member of All World Leaders Meetings =WLM= and Nations World Histories please accept my wife she is Named Our Savior in All Nations World Histories of Combines World History of Mankind please read in them before you attempt more World Leader Assassinations of us we are 2 Superlawed Blonds who are Declared Timelessly for The Civilization’s Only 2 Flying Timemachine White Angels Civilization Permanent Infrastructure and we work also timelessly At only The World Leaders Meetings and I at the Planetary Defenses yours Planetary Defender Choice 1 please let me go I am Planetary Defender here at on Planet Earth originally born here on Planet Earth yours to save in times of needs please let me get All Nations Police Help I need them to get together with my wife New Yorker Wife living currently in New York City...

I am The Planet Earth’s Planetary Defender educated at all these things being capable of tell right from wrong in World History and deployed in cases of World History Armageddons and I am the Original Lightblond Planetary Defenders here to defend and save you all out of Planetary Armageddon so called World History Armageddon that was strug all mankind into population drops leading to Total Armageddon without anybody can see it and I am here to save you now this is your Planetary Defender Choice1 deployed by the World Leaders Meetings Summits from the futures wherefrom I am send now to save you all out of it, hold on and await’s my orders and commands I am here to live with you now and survive and help you all, this is Planetary Defense of Planet Earth of your coming Century...

I want to be taken directly together with my lightblond wife in World Historical times read above and also this teenage girl actor from Disney Channel who are acting New York Disney Princess on the Jessie Series as young and slim and blond super teenage wife girl and I am in love with both of them and want to become married with them both of them in same marriage and become The 3 Loving Angels Permanent Civilization Infrastructure as now The 3 Loving Flying White Angels Permanent Civilization Infrastructure and Armageddon Infrastructure protectors of Civilization on my licenses as Choice 1 yours protector of All in Civilization and creator and builder of Civillization Nations currently named and are The Civilization’s 2 Loving Flying White Angels Civilization’s Permanent Infrastructure as the only 2 human beings in entire Civilization who was declared it from start to end of Civilization later in World History inbetween time of the start and end of it that takes place later this is Choice 1 please unite me with the females I am in love with one of whom I am already married and must be married with and we are both future Mayers of New York City and New York Governnors in the Metropolis of Planet Earth and Our Entire Civilization and both U.S. Presidents Democratic Elected by The American Peoples me as the 51th President and her as the 51th Presidential First Lady and me later The First Man of her Presidency with me in reverse positions in front of you all on LIVE TV from The White House in still washington D.C. and she are The U.S. World History First Democratic Elected Woman President of All World history of Mankind in Our Humankind Civilization World History we are U.S. Legendary Presidential Family and several of our sons has been Presidents in U.S.A. and also 3 of them in France within the next coming 17000 thousands years...


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I want everybody to contact me I am Choice 1,,


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Need police rescue by one to two large scale International Police Organizations together with american Peyton Roi List (born 1998) and together with her and her wonderful parents John List and Charlene List be evacuated out of all Western World’s Nations on temporare gradual changing new identifications (to suggestably the Pacific Ocean Regions alongside U.S.A.’s borders) to safety in freedom with freedom protecting International Police Officers protecting our lives and freedoms and civil liberties and political persons from all harms ways. From safety in freedom with one to two large scale International Police Organizations protecting us and our freedoms must we (me and Peyton Roi List and Peyton Roi List’s father) first talk all things through together about all crimes committed before being ready to could start report the numerous crimes and Human Rights Crimes versus me and my future wife to the International Police Organizations which must then help us create a total overview over the numerous crimes. The two large scale International Police Organizations must function as intermediators between us (Peyton Roi List and me and Peyton Roi List’s father and mother and select few others we need with us) and the National Police Departments in America and Europe. When ready must then the two large scale International Police Organizations begin reports of the crimes to the National Police Departments in America and Europe and later there afterwards when the National Police Departments has begun successful law enforcement operations then contact the C.I.A. and K.G.B. (or its Russian succeeder agency) about the crimes and run them all together in a large scale multinational joint law enforcement operation versus the organized criminal companies in Central Europe and their organized criminal human network reaching well into U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union modern day Russia until Moscow.


Any nation’s Police must immediately rescue me directly out of their nations to strictly only the well recognizable common black uniformed U.S. National Police Officers in United States of America that must take over from there and unite me and american Peyton Roi List in U.S.A. and immediately give us temporare gradual changing new identifications and Civil Police Protections of our lives and freedoms and civil liberties and political persons and therenext bring us established contact and help from the world’s two largest International Police Organizations that must take over from there and undertake evacuation of us (minimum me and Peyton Roi List and her wonderful parents John List and Charlene List and select few others they can trust with our lives in their hands) out of all Western World’s Nations on temporare gradual changing new identifications (to suggestably the Pacific Ocean Regions alongside U.S.A.’s borders) to safety in freedom with freedom protecting International Police Officers protecting our lives and freedoms and civil liberties and political persons from all harms ways. From safety in freedom with one to two large scale International Police Organizations protecting us and our freedoms must we (me and Peyton Roi List and Peyton Roi List’s father) first talk all things through together about all crimes committed before being ready to could start report the numerous crimes and Human Rights Crimes versus me and my future wife to the International Police Organizations which must then help us create a total overview over the numerous crimes. The two large scale International Police Organizations must function as intermediators between us (Peyton Roi List and me and Peyton Roi List’s father and mother and select few others we need with us) and the National Police Departments in America and Europe. When ready must then the two large scale International Police Organizations begin reports of the crimes to the National Police Departments in America and Europe and later there afterwards when the National Police Departments has begun successful law enforcement operations then contact the C.I.A. and K.G.B. (or its Russian succeeder agency) about the crimes and run them all together in a large scale multinational joint law enforcement operation versus the organized criminal companies in Central Europe and their organized criminal human network reaching well into U.S.A. and the former Soviet Union modern day Russia until Moscow.


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