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In year 2004 am I runned down and attacked by about 7 to 12 danish military commandos claiming to arrive from the Danish National Security Department who wanted to warn me about cruel events been undertaken by their National Security Department and its leaders.

The military soldiers present themselves as police officers and military soldiers and Danish National Security Department workers and keep on explain me about what is going to happen towards me by their authorities and the Danish Government. I weren’t scared after a couple of minutes and relaxed down. They explained me that some of them sit daily in a Danish National Security Building on Sjealland and monitor my every move in society, and that they have cruel plans for my being. They explain me how their Danish Department is following me and with criminals released from Central State Prisons and that they have by mistake homicided my eldest sister Annie Zoellner Jensen in attempt to get her to stay away from me and my inner family in south Denmark (she were coming from Amager). They explained me how their Department would isolate me down to loneliness so I would probably be all by myself. They went on with prove who of them had done what in relation to previous assignments by their overlaying Department. They then explained me how they knew my name and where I come from and that I were in high danger from their side, they had never seen anything like it anywhere before. They explained me how they were assigned to cut me off from my love DR1 Boogie Lise Rønne and assist drive me insane with setup fake TV antenna signals to our families households and residences and where we are in contact with the public government, in my case the danish health department who they admitted should never had been in use versus me because it were to strong and powerful to get out of and away from proving no wrongs has been done by their victim me. They explained me how they would going to proceed from their Department with claim me as theirs via the danish health department and then declare me insane and more and more insane and keep on with it and end up declaring me psychopath or maniac via the danish highest court department, where they claimed to have Danish National Security agents in who were given brand new identification and scholarships fitting to their accomplishment to get into jobs as court judges and highest court judges. They explained me that there was more I should know about, and they went on with tell me that they knew I were in love with miss Lise Rønne and wanted to move together with her in Copenhagen and then take her with me to U.S.A.. Then they told me how they were on an assignment to wipe out our fruitful relationship by cut us off from each other and lay down all men like me, or what they were making me, insane housed insane men, and those who they wanted to not get together with Lise Rønne would they insane house, and my name came up on the top of the list because their investigations had shown that I wanted to move together with her and become married and have children, and that I were not supposed to be with her when she comes from Danish TV Productions, and she did. Then they went on with tell me about their own ideas about us and that they liked both of us together unlike their bosses. There next did they explain that she would be married away with one of theirs, and they told me I could not have her no matter what I did now, but in the future would she get a child or two with their man and when he is finished with her will I possibly be seen in a different light by their Danish National Security and no longer be the same kind of threat to their undertakings and then if I were lucky would they let me get her anyway for myself. Their leader told me that I should be brave and hold out for her, because had it been one of them would they had committed suicide knowing what they know, but that I could possibly could find a way to survive it / the pain and then in the future would it be possible again to be with her and I should be ready. They could not promise me anything, but I were well seen beforehand during my childhood years until they discovered that I would fall in love with their beautiful miss Lise Rønne and from that moment on did they want to kill me off and run me insane and get rid of me into insane houses. Then they went on with explain me that she would live a very long life and that I should hold on for her, they had all seen how much I were in love with her and they have it standing written down in their documents in a case folder in the Department.

The men said that it was the only one time that anybody would come help me, and that they were risking their lives doing this, and that it could not be worth it for future assigned folks to come help me out because they were going to remove content in their Danish National Security Department to suite new guidelines and to cover up any tracks of their wrong doing, so I would probably not ever get any help had they not stepped out together in a group to attempt rescue me. I was told content to selfhelp getting the police to believe in me versus their leaders and Department setups of mental hospitals damaging my name, and that they would not come back again. They walked away... Drove off in direction of truly Copenhagen highway roads and covered their tracks by drive not in column, they had many cars.




Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 194 cm tall

Eye: Deep Blue Eyes

Hair: Light Blonde

Type: Blonde Race

U.S. Citizen

Politics: Victory Democrat plus Victory Liberty Man

Religions: Catholic Orthodox (Bible Man)

911 Red Alert require help immediately come get me help from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP!

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

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