Will you all please contact me via,

Hotmail: NASA-Astronaut@hotmail.com

Skype: NASA-Astronaut

I am United States Government.

This is a telegram from the future, I am President number 51th being homicided savior me now I am Commander in Chief of many more Nations on Planet Earth and I can not save myself.

I am being kidnapped and humiliated and slaughtered by Enemy Timemachine Criminals and they keep kill me in neverending repeating Worlds please savior me this is the Commander in Chief and I do not want to die.

I am being humiliated and being laughed of so come help me send in 10000 thousands timemachine cops no less and savior me the old fashionate way.

I need more police than you think and no deaths promises.

I am Commander in Chief also of your timemachine cops.

I am Commander in Chief savior me now.

I am nuclear capable save me.

I am the Commander in Chief already President tell the other ones to kill them all who stands in my way also to nuclear armageddon all of Asia I am the Commander in Chief release me and United States are the same for me I am Commander in Chief of both India and Africa.

I am the Commander in Chief savior me now also from United States who claims to never have timemachines the destructions will be many fold bigger than you think if you hesitate savior me and I will kill those who save me unless I am the Captain I am only Captain always the Commander all know that or used to and I am called Armstrong yours savior and I am Master Educator of All Timemachine Police Orders At The World Leaders Meetings Locations I am called Armstrong and I have real names too and I must never be World Leader Assassinated I am more important than a World Leader so savior me.

I can not save you unless you save me.



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