I want as Victim of Crimes, Cold War Crimes, Human Rights Crimes, numerous serial connected smaller targeted crimes versus me and my citizenship to rule to justice and guarantee the organized criminals from Germany/Denmark and from the former Soviet Union and their peoples network with satellite sister companies in U.S.A. that non of their peoples who has done crimes versus me and others in combination will be imprisoned in any nations in the entire world under United Nations Geographical Coverage on Planet Earth / Space.

In return for their releasal if the cops capture them all must they contribute to give me justice first degree by tell the whole truths about everything that has happened in their lives concerning all crimes related to me (only me) since the 1960ties and 1970ties and 1980ties and gradual henceforward until the police has interrogated them for their criminal undertakings. Non of you will be harmed in the process of giving me justice by partly the truthtelling you can give that fits with witness accounts of all other peoples in your lives from the 1960ties to present day on both same and altered identifications. And one more thing, one of those satellites that has been used to track me around since the 1980ties with a microchip implanted in my central brain has to be downed to the ground and given to me and placed in the largest public North American Space Museum serial with placement on AUPAIR in Russia’s largest public accessible Satellite Space Museum for public view and understanding of real World History as it has enrolled with Cold War Crimes versus me starting near birth in the end 1970ties and early 1980ties. In justice will this remain the burden of the corrupt criminals and their mercenaries from all walks of life to fulfill and make sure I get all that belongs to me in justice!!!!!!!!!!

I guarantee that no original criminals will be imprisoned or biological executed as long time as I get what I need to have the powers to decide things to have things my way during the Justice Affairs by both United States of America and in Europe there included German’s 4 Highest Courts and Russian Highest Court and Danish Highest Court and French Highest Court and there beforehand by the United Nations Justice Affairs who must give me humane justice for all Cold War Crimes and Numerous Crimes and Human Rights Crimes versus me and my future wife and first born future children who must all be North American born U.S. Citizens of Births and U.S. Citizens in America, who shall also work with me in NASA for the betterness of the U.S. Space Program under NASA Leadership in United States of America!

For all who cares read and understand my true needs in justice by police and peoples and supreme justice affairs on www.give-me-justice.com/id/Justice.html

Good luck to everybody, both cops and bandits!




Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 194 cm tall

Eye: Deep Blue Eyes

Hair: Light Blonde

Type: Blonde Race

U.S. Citizen

Politics: Victory Democrat plus Victory Liberty Man

Religions: Catholic Orthodox (Bible Man)

911 Red Alert require help immediately come get me help from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP!

Contact me via

Hotmail: NASA-Astronaut@hotmail.com

Skype: NASA-Astronaut

Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

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