Name: Unidentified (held on another person identity)

Height: 186 cm from 194 cm tall

Eye: Deep Blue Eyes

Hair: Light Blonde

Type: Blonde Race

U.S. Citizen

Politics: Victory Democrat plus Victory Liberty Man

Religions: Catholic Orthodox (Bible Man)

911 Red Alert require help immediately come get me help from the World’s 2 Largest International Police Organizations ASAP!

1980ties Cold War Crimes Against Humanity (Me): Illegal Brain Microchipping:  Kidnapping of U.S. Born Citizen of Birth from Mainland U.S.A. in the late 1970ties and early 1980ties to somewhere unwanted in Europe by Soviet Union Peoples who place me in an unwanted foster family in Central Europe Denmark to be raised up, whereafter the organized criminals from seemingly what appears to be some kind of German Civil Weapon Industrial Company come short time there afterwards and capture me one more time and illegally implant a high-tech microchip into the center of my brain so I can not escape my hostage takers who can keep follow me on a distance via the G.P.S. microchip linked to their global covering multibillion U.S. dollar industrial satellite system in space. I was captured on Brydsbjergvej 4 on Falster in Denmark and microchipped. The organized criminals were dressed in civilian clothes and spoke only Soviet Union Language so nobody could understand what they were saying. They were a smaller group of peoples from an organized criminal peoples network who since then have been blocking me off from getting any help from the National and International Police Forces, primarily U.S.A..

Followed by insane coverup of Cold War Crimes 1980ties:  What happens after the organized criminals left were that my foster parents slowly got free of their hostage taking in the household and broke out and free to could alarm the civilian police. Bjørn Zølner (Bjørn Zøllner Jensen) called the police hundreds of times and were rejected by the emergency centrals who kept divert him to local police stations who responded that they did not have enough police officers to send somebody out to check up on the crime scene. Bjørn Zølner became very angry and used all of his intelligence and skills to talk with the different ones in phone, and in desperation called his previous county in Central Copenhagen and on Amager to get more reasonable police officers to talk with about coming to help us. Non of my foster parents had been prepared for the assaults on their family that came with the organized criminals came to microchip me making a Cold War Crime on danish soil versus me before the left in a hurry. Bjørn Zølner had fought the Commando Soldiers from the Soviet Union who perpetrated his household in desperation to defend me when he saw that they did not go for him and his wife but were out to take a hold in me. When he saw that did he fight them back as my only defender who attempted to protect me versus Cold War Crimes with illegal implantation of high-tech microchip into my head. He fought back with all he got and was violently compromised by the much younger and stronger Soviet Union Commando Soldiers who eventually won the battle for life and death, and he were laid down along side his wife on the ground and hold down, forced to witness the criminals implant a microchip into my brain right in front of him. I was full awake and saw everything and they were speaking to me all the time while they were holding my head into a metal toolswork and perpetrated my skull with metal toolswork to could implant an illegal microchip into my the center of my brain. When dialing the Danish Emergency Central in attempts to get help from the Danish Police do Bjørn Zølner end up fighting the authorities in the phone lines because they refuse to come and help us. Bjørn explained to them the organized criminals had taken his son and came some electronics into his head so he were all bleeding all over the furnitures from his backhead wounds, and that the criminals has messed up the whole household and ruined everything and going for the run in cars towards seemingly the national borders to make an escape. The police replies that they do not come and that he has to stop calling, and that is when he calls Copenhagen Police Department to get real help. Short time there afterwards do stranger men break into our household and claim to be from the Danish National Security Department who has over listened the phone conversations between Bjørn and the Emergency Central. The men says that they are from the Danish National Security Department and the Danish Military. They continue onwards with cruelly dictate my foster parents what to think and do, and they then tell them that the police are not coming and that they are controlling the police of Denmark who are under their leadership and won’t come. Bjørn Zølner becomes angry and demand to get real police officers to talk with about the crimes he has witnessed whereafter the Danish National Security men commit Human Rights Crimes versus him and his wife beating them up and use wrongfully interrogations of them. Bjørn Zølner demands continually to get real police officers to talk with and get allowance to call the police on the house phone and he is responded silly by one of the stranger men that they will not come even so he calls them because they are being blocked off from doing so by their services as Danish National Security Department. Then their leader orders one of the others to use the household phone to call their Department and have them take care of collecting and deleting the Central Rigspoliti Emergency Phone Central’s call registries and recordings of the conversations with Bjørn Zølner, where afterwards he turns violent again and comes illegal military drugs in my foster parents and claims that they won’t be able to remember anything from the past 6 to 7 months time within a limited period of time. My foster parents are completely destroyed by the many Cold War Crimes and Human Rights Crimes versus them and ends up with being systematical hypnotized by the men from the Danish National Security who dictate them to raise me up and then dump me off into them in their Central State and Government Mental Hospitals and Prisons and closed buildings with their white doctors from the State Department to get rid of me once for all, and abandon me completely out of their own lives. Then the men claiming to come from the Danish National Security leaves the household and drive away with their one danish military soldier they had standing in front of our main house door entrance (that soldier was not with the rest and he witnessed the Human Rights Crimes Bjørn Zølner and his wife Connie Annette Zølner suffered during the extreme long brute force violent interrogations). I was once again left unhypnotized and undrugged and I had eye witnessed what happened and had had freedom to could run around observing all of them, even the danish uniformed soldier in front of our household main entrance door. My foster parents was left sleeping highly affected by military drugs that had been placed into them, their eyes were blinking wild and they were unbalanced and fall to the ground constantly and I were getting hungry and dehydrated during the days that followed while they were losing their memories caused by brain damaging drugs from the Danish National Security’s men.

During the following 5 to 7 years time did I wait every day on the U.S. or European Police would come and rescue me home to United States of America and save me and give me justice, but nothing happened and the police did never come, and I never forget the mens words about deleting the Rigspoliti’s Central Registries and evidences of everything they had been alarmed with in right time!!!

Human in Dangers!

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Planet Earth 2 Millennia AE

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