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Upon World Historical Destructions caused by Timemachine Attacks upon our World History of Mankind here on Planet Earth wherefrom the Original World Leaders All Nations Presidents and Kings and Emperrors and Pharaos of the future can not bring back World History back to normal or fail to do so or are too weakened to could rescue themselves and bring World History 100% back to normal must I announce I am their Choice 1 choosen by all the Original World Leaders once upon atime in the long distant future in hundreds of billions of years of time to be send as gift to the New World Leaders from the Original World Leaders from them to the New World Leaders to help them as their representation on behalf of all Original World Leaders with bring back World History back to normal totally 1:1 so all populations all peoples and all World Leaders all Nations Original Pharaos and Emperrors and Kingships and Presidents and Ministers and all other Peoples World Leaders and all Mankind World History with all things in it we hold to be true makes us Mankind and it required in our Mankind World History will be set back to normal and All Nations and World Leaders and Human Specimen Races choose me as All World Leaders Choice 1 to the New World Leaders and I am the New World Leaders All Nations Democratic Presidents and World Historical Kings and Emperrors and Pharaos World Leader and I am General of all Generals in All Nations on Planet Earth and in your Civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy the World Leaders of the future’s Planetary Defender Choice 1 to reset World History back to normal together and in cooperation with the New World Leaders all those from your new World Leader Summits plus those who are not currently invited who I will of cause with immediate effect now upon birth here on Planet Earth bring together with us all in the World Leaders Meetings as they were always called and has to be renamed back to be named once again to bring back order in our United Civilization for All Mankind by me the All Original World Leaders best Choice choosen to the New World Leaders Summits which has to now find me and cover me so nobody can see me and bring me into safety and evacuate me to their New World Leaders Meetings where all World Leaders has to finish my Education by the New World Leaders I have been preeducated by our Civilization Infrastructure Defender of All Mankind by the Original World Leaders upon major catastrophic World History Destructions of all of our future World History by Enemies of All Mankind who has deleted and assassinated and removed all of the Original World Leaders in 1 final strike with timemachine warfare outspring from Central Europe France and Germany from the future from their Empire 1 to their new Empire 2 which destroyed all future World Leaders with an illegal all World History Destroying Timemachine War concealed into the description of 2th World War and 1th World War and all war since then are timemachine caused wars so all Cold Wars are timemachine wars and has never existed before and are killing off the entire populations globally and I protected safely by the World History in a part of the World where I could never be destroyed by timemachine attacks upon World History and are the first born your Savior and Choice 1 the World’s Most Powerful Choice 1 above Choice 2 and Choice 3 and Choice 4 counting upwards to your New World Leaders All Nations Presidents I can see and I am selected by the Original World Leaders because I was their best World Leader out of the many who has also born before the many of the rest to follow, after my successful Missions to Mars Surface which made World History for All Mankind as White Astronaut where I declared All Nations Citizen and Honorable Citizen of All Nations and my first President House was in the Earth’s Empire of United States of America as the World History’s 51th President of United States of America and I was among the first 300 NASA Astronauts who was frozen down and rescued into the future on the World’s First Legal Timemachine Mission for All Mankind legalized by All Nations World Leaders your Presidents of the future beginning here in the 21th Century onwards and we were the World’s First 300 Men who has saved into the future to receive eternal life and some of us Heroes of All Mankind from the Mars Missions and I was Main Flagship 1 right from the beginning to cause savior of All Mankind via a legal timemachine signal send back in time to cause rescue and Global Evacuation of All Mankind Globally and it has already been completed successfully and I was the World’s First Experimental Timemachine Astronaut All Nations National Neutral White Astronaut and from the First Generation of White Astronauts in the first Century of Spaceflight Aviation of our World History of Mankind Space Programs placed first of all in the large Empires of Soviet Union and in the Empire of China and in United States of America and in the european International Space Program with nations like France and England and Germany and Italy in it with also Egypt from North Africa in a combined International Space Program later expanded to also Indian Space Program and Central African Space Program and Japan Space Program which I all flew for for their Central States as National Neutral White Astronaut later handselected Sci Astronaut by the World Leaders Meetings as the World’s First World Leaders Meetings Technologies White Astronaut and First Experimental Timemachine Astronaut and then later after helping them as Experimental World Leaders Timemachine Astronaut perfectionizing their Timemachine Aeroplanes later flying as their World Leaders Express from their World Leaders Platforms back and forth in time to create great World Historical Meetings and Greetings and Cultural Meetings between World Leaders throughout World Eras from a surden point in time refered to as the Golden Line hendeforward and back thereto a Aerospace Timemachine Express only for World Leaders which were the only ones besides the Blond Men who were legally allowed to travel in Aviation Timemachine Air and Spacecrafts back in time and forth again thereafterwards where I permanently World Leaders Meetings Timemachine Captain on the World Leaders Expressshuttle back and forth in time and the World Leaders Timemachine Scientist Astronaut and Protector of their World Leaders Gatherings and Protector of their World Leader Hangars their Gatekeeper 1 and World Leaders Technologies Master Engineer together with the other World Leaders Meetings Technologies Handselected Most Safe Human Beings Scientists and safety persons and throughout World History as both All Nations Citizen and nearly All Planet Earth’s Democratic Nations President throughout a long World History where we among things constructed and moved Planet Earth with Earth Mover 1 and Earth Mover 2 to another Solar System then where selected as Choice 1 in case of World History Destructions where both World Leaders and Timemachine Cops and Our Heroes has failed set back World History to normal then are born before the rest and can bring order back to the World and reestablish their World Leaders Meetings and help them with the Original World Leaders Master Plan for reset World History back to normal without losing of cause anyone of your alls lives as I am preselected to could do it your World Leaders Choice 1 selected as their World History of Mankind Most Powerful World Leader of them all of All World History to become your New World Leaders World Leader above All World Leaders both all your New World Leaders and All Original World Leaders handselected from pre World History from Ancient Times by Pharaos of Egypt your Civilization Pharaos of All Planet Earth and All Nations here on Planet Earth and your Emperrors of China and Japan and Rome and more nations followed and Choose Me Choice 1 As Their Best Representation From Them All To Their New World Leaders Gathering As Best World Leader For Them All As Their World Leader Above All Of Their Nations World Leaders and I am their Choice 1 look it up in World History and if you have been attack by Enemies of Mankind with timemachine and they have deleted these vital informations are the procedure that you must recover my identification and G.P.S. Birth Location and track me up and the informations about me Choice 1 and take me to your World Leaders Meetings immediately and with timemachines from the future from the Combined World Leaders Meetings and unite me with the New World Leaders and introduce me and educate me by all your nations World Leaders in all the languages of the World so I can communicate fluently in all of them and communicate with you all and all of Planet Earth Populations and all races of Mankind which are my population and I am already their World Leader of All Nations from original World History who was choosen as World Leader Choice 1 of also the Kings and Emperrors nations and populations in the future and were resting World Leader of them all and that is called Choice 1 and there are a Choice 2 and Choice 3 and Choice 4 and Choice 5 and Choice 6 and Choice 7 (and more) also made and your New World Leaders some of you comes and goes over time and decades very fast as Democratic Elected Presidents must educate me in your alls languages and I am already fluent in your future Universal Language you all know from example Aviation World History International Communication Radio Language One and all sciences in your Civilization at least those required hence Choice 1 is a Fullheated Scientist Choosen for the New World Leaders and I also need educations in all I choose I need and when you are finish must you present me to your nations populations and explain them what have happened and I will educate you and train you all as my World Leaders on how to must do it and then introduce me as your World Leader who has been send from the Original World Leaders upon total destruction by either Armageddon or World Historical Timemachine Attacks causing Catastrophic World History Destructions which has caused removal of the Original World Leaders and what it means of them all and you as New World Leaders and those who are in opposition must be killed by All Mankind as Enemies of the Original Populations of All Mankind and Enemies of the Original World Leaders and customs are that you are New World Leaders must swear oath to me as your World Leader above all your World Leaders and All Your Nations and All Your Peoples and accept that if you refuse or fail me on the missions I have for you then you are surpassed by me as your World Leader in your representation of nation and I will be the World Leader of your nation and I will carry on as their World Leader and protect your nations populations and carry through until completed Alpha Omega Original World Leaders Masterplan for Reset World History back to normal and I intend to do it with all you peoples included in it with your New World Leaders helping me and all your generals belong to me I am Choice 1 to them thier general above all generals Choice 1 are choosen as the World History’s greatest Warrior an Aviator Fighter Commander Pilot the World’s Greatest Warrior and Milky Way Galaxcy All Globes Planetary Defender Leader of All Planetary Defense their Commander 1 of Planetary Defense who was with them from the beginning of the now current (and it is not the real timeline it has been moved from 0 to another position) 20th Century born in currently 1980ties for All Mankind their World Leaders earliest Choice 1 Commander 1 of All Choice 2 and Choice 3 and counting upwards who must and have to be protected by All World Leaders higher number Choices and never be unborn and always be given his identification as Choice 1 when required are upon any World History Attacks where the Original and New World Leaders fail to rescue World History back to normal and also cause savior of their Original World Leaders which are never the New World Leaders and they must never be protected like us we are the Original World Leaders and instead will we save you all with us to their new World Leaders Meetings in the future where we all will be part of it and I am Choice 1 the Most Powerful of All Choices their best and mildest Presentation of themselves to you all and I will guide you and train your New World Leaders and work with them to all of their World Leaders Meetings your so called World Leaders Summits and Rescue Mission are called AO Alpha Omega Total Savior Setting World History back to normal without losing anyone of your lives a so called Total Savior. In the future before attacked by Enemies of All Mankind the World Leaders of All Eras from the future selected Choice 1 and Choice 2 and Choice 3 and Choice 4 and Choice 5 and Choice 6 and Choice 7 counting upwards to the New World Leaders I have now announce myself and who I am and you must all take me to your World Leaders Meetings wherefrom I will continue as permanent World Leader yours forever loyal Original World Leader Pharao of Egypt your demanding World Leader take me to your World Leader NOW GO GO GO HURRY 111999 JUST TRUST ME HELPPPP 111

911 Emergency Life Laws:  I want when I die to be strictly only placed in NASA Human Survival Systems or compensatingly in full body freezedown www.Alcor.org or www.Cryonics.org in United States of America as U.S. National Citizen from birth to death, and by no means as coming NASA Astronaut Scientist Pilot to be send out into space and dumped into the Sun or Star because ones soul are attached to the bodies of their death bodies and walks around them to stay close in case of reliving by humans who can rescue them and when inside the Suns or Stars can the human souls oneself not escape their gravity fields or walk to the surface of the Suns or Stars because of gigantic neverending Sun or Star mass and such suffering souls can not see anything besides Nuclear Sun or Star Fusion Processes in red and yellow and purple colors all the time and can only perceive their inner memories from their less and less rememberable life and it will be eternal sufferings in emptiness and silence and with no vision purposefully giving or making sense and walking makes no sense and their human beings will be forever in sufferings with less and less memories from real life as they receive their eternal life or about 2500 years of soul human being lifetime inside neverending sufferings that makes life worth nothing to have been at existence for ever for having lived as humanity, it is absolutely sufferings and the World Populations has to stop peoples with wild intentions of greatness and how to die to be allowed to pay for extra ordinarily being send into and deported as deaths to the Sun in our Solar System. Written by me Planetary Defender Choice 1.


All World Leaders must find Choice 1 make sure he is always born and skies him and evacuate him to your Original or New World Leaders Gatherings or establish them or make him help as diplomat reestablish them for the first time between all nations World Leaders and educate him there in all Civilization sciences as he already was and in all nations peoples languages so he can address them all via all TV Channels as Our World Leaders to all the New World Leaders and All Nations also new ones in our Civilization he represent all World Leaders of All World History of past present future into the ancient Egypt where he once lived and are future Pharao and has been World Historical selected by all time eras peoples and nations and in pre World History down through the modern age into middle ages down to ancient times to Pharao in Egypt and beyond to Babylon and more down in time and before Civilization as all peoples leaders of all races and be the peoples leader with or without the remaining World Leaders with or without the World Leaders Meetings so he is our leader of all time and he decides what happens and is the chosen one by us all save Choice 1 he can never be replaced by new world leaders and or more peoples we are the same familytrees and one peoples and he is our leader.



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